Have You Watched These Movies After Forrest Gump?

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One of the best ways to spend quality family time is to watch a heartfelt movie. Watching something together with a bowl of popcorn and teasing each other is one of the best things to do. A lot of us wait for family movie night, but finding a perfect movie for such a day is never easy.

For a family night, especially if you have kids, pick something that is happy-go-lucky or is inspirational, or a comic movie with bits of drama. You can also select a film which celebrates friendship or the relationship between a mother and daughter or between father and son or siblings.

Trouble finding a film which fits this narrative? Don’t worry! Here are some perfect movies for you that will make your family night a memorable one.

Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest Gump is a whimsical movie about a guy who has a low IQ played by Tom Hanks. He finds himself a part of every major historical event during his lifetime. The movie is surprisingly sweet and full of twists and turns that you won’t see coming. Like Gump, everyone in the audience also keeps wondering when he will reunite with his love, Jenny. Do they meet or not? Find out by watching it. For people who are looking for similar movies like Forrest Gump click here: https://happygreenbeans.com/similar/1994/736509786193920.html.

The greatest showman (2017)

Musicals are a great idea for a family night. They are inspiring, moving, and the music will get you all humming, maybe in synchrony. One musical you should not miss is the greatest showman which stars Hugh Jackman as P T Burman who becomes famous in show business based on his wits and innovation. To hook the younger generation to this, tell them Zac Efron and Zendaya also stars in it.

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50 firsts dates (2004)

We all adore movies where no matter the situation, a couple never gives up on their love. It is the story of Henry Roth played by Adam Sandler who falls in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore) after a single date. And Lucy likes him as well.

But the next day, she forgets him as she is suffering from short-term memory loss syndrome. It resets her memory after 24 hours, and what follows is a beautiful story of a man doing anything for his true love.

Moana (2016)

Moana is a Disney movie, so we all know it is perfect for a family movie night. The adventures of Moana as she fights the claims of everyone and moves out into the big and scary Polynesian sea to save her island. She is joined by a demigod Maui in her journey to restore peace and calm across islands.

It is a tale of bravery and friendship and having faith in yourself. Also, it is a musical, and the killer soundtrack makes it a must-watch.

Ghostbusters (1984)

A horror movie for the whole family, sounds weird right? It is true though! Ghostbusters follows four scientist friends who are passionate about finding ghosts and sending them back to keep their home-New York city safe. But they aren’t the most coordinated people ever, which makes this movie fun and whimsical. It is not scary, but probably one of the best horror-comedy ever.

A remake with an all-female cast came out in 2016. It is great too. So maybe you can have a ghostbuster marathon and choose your favourite.

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Mrs Doubtfire (1983)

Divorce is hard, especially on children who aren’t able to live with both their parents. This family comedy film follows Late. Robbie Williams, who disguises himself as an old maid, Mrs Doubtfire so that he can be near his children.

What follows is heartfelt moments with tons of comedy and puppy eyes moments. It will make you cry with its laughter scenes and then will make you cry for real.

Harry potter (2001-2017)

The entire Harry Potter series is worth watching. Adults and children will love it alike. It is full of adventure, bravery, and is the tale of one of the best friendship stories in the history of movies. There are eight parts, and I believe a Harry Potter marathon for the weekend sounds magical.

Family movie night should have films that are fun, motivational, and light.

Some solemn moments are fine. But you don’t want to end up watching a movie that makes you cry throughout it. This list is perfect, so let all your family know what you are watching in the next movie night.


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