Easy Ways to Have Fun with Pool Floats

Easy Ways to Have Fun with Pool Floats

On those sunny afternoons when the weather looks good to spend time outdoors, getting some fun with pool floats is a great idea. Thankfully, many fun activities can be planned for the children and the whole family at the poolside. With numerous pool toys that are available, you can be sure to find some amazing options to delight the whole family at your next family pool time. If you are also planning to spend some time alone or with your partner, you can also find some amazing fun activities that you can engage in with pool floats. Let’s look at some easy ways you can have fun with pool floats.

Play the Game o Ducks

For this pool game, you need three or more players and at least four rubber ducks. To play this game, give each player a duck. The number of ducks should commensurate with the number of players. Each person will stay at one end of the pool and get their ducks to the other side of the pool. The fun part of this game is that the players will not use their hands to get their ducks to the other side but instead, they have to push the ducks with their noses. There should be a moderator to watch out for cheaters. No one should use their mouth or teeth to pick the duck. To make it more interesting, players can splash on other players just to distract them and prevent them from getting to the other end of the pool.

Have fun with Raft Races

This is another interesting way to have fun with pool floats and the great part is that you don’t need so much to play the game. All you need are pool mats or inflatable rafts. You need at least two people to compete in the raft race. You can also compete in teams if you have a bigger raft. To get started, you all have to get into the pool and on your floating device or pool raft. Each person or team should race from one side of the pool to the other and the first person or team to get to the other end is the winner. To make it more interesting, you can make it a relay where you tag people at one side of the pool and have them switch when they get to the other side. You can also introduce another twist where you have an object underneath the deep and have the player or team that first reach the end grab the object and bring it back to the starting point. The player that reaches the other end and brings back the object wins the race.

Play Butterfinger Ball

To play this game, you need a beach ball, suntan lotion, suntan oil, or sunscreen. You also need at least two players to play the game. This game is perfect for inside or outside the pool and it can be played with kids and adults. To get started, all players should rub the oily lotion or oil on their palms. With slippery hands, each person should try to catch the ball. This is the fun part of the game as it becomes difficult to grasp the ball with oily hands. You can have a goal post where you throw the ball. The number of throws that each person or team has contributes to winning the game. The player or team with the highest score wins the game.


These are just a few of the easy ways that you can have fun with pool floats. Pool floats can make your time at the poolside very fun and exciting. Therefore, the next time you are ready to go with your loved ones to the pool, remember to go along with some floaties.


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