Car Buying Tips that Will Actually Work for You!

car buying tips for you

Purchasing a new or used vehicle involves more than scrolling a dealership’s website. The keys to getting the lowest possible prices are planning, preparing, and utilising some insider information. Armed with this information, you can time your purchase to make the most of Mitsubishi dealers Gold Coast bonuses, rebates, and incentives. Keep reading to find useful car buying tips for you, that can actually help you.

Understand how Ford, Mitsubishi and Hyundai dealers Queensland establishments motivate their sales teams, and also how manufacturers motivate these dealerships. This is just one critical tip, there are others you should keep in mind and act on. Below are some top car buying tips for you from the experts.

Learn the motivation behind the dealership

Naturally, salespeople are competitive, and the good ones are highly motivated to achieve their sales targets. It is for this reason car manufacturers will give their dealerships annual, quarterly, and monthly sales goals. Achieving these targets means rewards and bonuses for top performers—and you can use this information to your benefit!

If selling you a car you want gets the dealership within reach or pushes them over the targets, the dealership is very motivated to make the deal. This line of thought explains why purchasing a vehicle during the last few days of a month is always a good time, the quarter-end is better, and end-of-year is the best.

Start shopping early

Traditionally, the slowest times for many dealerships are those few weeks just before Christmas. Between Christmas and New Year, many dealerships are often busy since people are not working and they have time to shop for cars. This means that dealership salespeople have less time to negotiate on a deal with you and even too busy to arrange for test drives.

Instead of expecting the staff to provide you with the red carpet service you expect on the 31st of December, do your due diligence and find your perfect ride ahead of time. This involves everything, including booking test drives at Hyundai dealers Queensland offices.

Be flexible when searching for a car

It is hard to receive an awesome deal on a vehicle that is popular and selling well. What you consider too expensive might be the right target price for another buyer. Fortunately, if you are not picky about getting the most fashionable and latest model, there are bargains to be had. If you are looking for vehicles to buy, you can click here for Vin’s Automotive Group.

An outgoing model year car is your best bet for getting the lowest price possible when you are searching for new vehicles. This means driving off in a 2020 model from Mitsubishi dealers Gold Coast showrooms rather than a 2021 model that has just arrived.

Even if the latest model is your ideal ride, flexibility pays off. Some dealerships may offer vehicles that come with different colour schemes or packages that are not popular. When Hyundai dealers Queensland salespersons sense you are a value shopper, they are likely to suggest these—don’t say no too quickly!

Be the smart car shopper

The number one car buying tips for you to save most cash while shopping for a used or new vehicle is to always do your homework first! Scenic Motors is one of the most experienced Mitsubishi dealers Gold Coast has. To find out more, go to and get in touch with one of their salespersons for the best deal ever!


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