What to Expect on a Marijuana Farm Tour

Marijuana Farm Tour

With marijuana legalization comes tremendous economic opportunity, as anybody in the industry will tell you. One manifestation of this opportunity is the emergence of cannabis tourism. The number of companies dedicated to this sub-sector has grown at a rapid clip over the past couple years, and will no doubt continue to do so as more states dispense with anti-pot legislation.

There may come a time when cannabis tours enjoy the same degree of popularity and success as wine tours, but we’ve got a ways to go before we reach that point. Cannabis tourism is in its infancy, which means a lot of people have questions about whether it’s worthwhile to book a tour and, if so, what they can expect from the experience.

With this post we hope to provide some answers to those questions; consider it a brief introduction to the new and evolving industry of weed farm tours.

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Is weed the new wine?

The usual suspects are leading the way when it comes to cannabis tourism: California, Colorado, Nevada. The style of tour varies from state to state and company to company. Ultimately, the goal is to emulate wine tourism, so that people have access to farms, production facilities, dispensaries and tasting rooms.

As the industry develops, certain regions will likely become known for specializing in a particular strain, or a particular style of a particular strain. That, as you’re probably aware, is how it works with wine. For example, the state of Oregon is famous for producing pinot noir; it’s thus a popular destination among wine lovers partial to that grape.

For now, though, cannabis tourism is relatively limited. This is largely due to the fact that the marijuana industry is subject to rather heavy-handed regulation, even in the most liberal states. There’s tons of red tape, and many farms simply aren’t permitted to have tasting rooms on site. The emphasis is therefore placed on production. You might, for instance, be educated on how to grow CBD hemp seed  – good quality and legal hemp seeds can be bought from companies like CopeCBD.

Multi-stop tours

To provide an immersive experience, many cannabis tours feature several destinations. It’s common for an itinerary to include a production facility, a dispensary or two, and a cannabis accessory retailer. Some are walking tours; otherwise guests are transported from place to place in a limo van or bus. Depending on the tour, you may or may not be allowed to light up along the way.

Such tours are affordable, generally priced between $50 and $200 per person.

Other options exist. Emerald Farm Tours, San Franciso’s first marijuana tourism company, offers a number of all-inclusive tours. Its Seed-to-Sale Tour begins with an in-depth look at an indoor nursery, and from there proceeds to a facility where extracts and concentrates are manufactured. The last stop is a retail shop where goods can be purchased at discounted prices. For those willing to spend a bit more money, the tour can be expanded to include a cannabis testing laboratory.

If you’re seeking a really immersive experience, Emerald has an all-inclusive weekend getaway package, complete with a journey to multiple farms and cannabis landmarks, plus accommodations at the Benbow Historic Inn. Needless to say, this tour isn’t cheap.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or an entrepreneur who wants to learn more about the industry, cannabis tours provide a fascinating and enlightening glimpse into the world of weed.


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