6 must-have products for your dog

products for your dog

What is a key to happiness in a home where there’s a dog? We believe you all know the answer. That’s right – you need make your dog happy and everything else will follow. Because no sensible person can be happy when their pup is feeling poorly or stressed out. Accommodating them to the fullest can present challenges but all in all, you have a lot of ways to approach this situation and improve the everyday life of your pooch by miles. You can begin by getting the things that will benefit their health, strengthen your bond and simplify grooming. What are those products? To help you out, we’ve listed 6 must-have products for dogs! 

1. Delicious reward treats

Reward treats are a must-have. They are the most essential and widely used training and rewarding item in the world of dogs. If you can train your dog to understand that following your command results in getting a treat, you will have a lot less trouble grooming them, making them behave or doing other fun stuff.

It isn’t difficult to find just any treat that is full of flavour. However, you should seek something crunchy, chewy and tasty at the same time. Bonus points if you get something that promotes good health and well-being too. In rare cases, you might want to find a treat that focuses and/or helps deal with a particular health issue like an upset stomach, GI problems, joint pains, etc. 

2. A memory foam dog bed

Having a comfy place to rest and sleep in is something every living being deserves. It’s a shame that a lot of dog parents overlook the simple fact that their dog could use a comfier spot to chill in. Memory foam dog beds are the biggest flagship of pet comfort both indoors and outside. Memory foam dog beds are super soft, comfy and some of them are even waterproof and do not soak in any odours which makes maintenance and care very easy. 

Now these are likely a tad more expensive than regular pet dens but trust us, your pooch will definitely appreciate the investment you made.

3. Dog nail grinder

A dog nail grinder is usually much more effective than nail clippers. Since you can’t leave the nails of your dog unattended, clippers or a become a must-have. The latter allows to do the job more precisely and safely. Modern, high-quality grinders are also super quiet which won’t cause anxiety or stress to your pet. And yet, don’t forget to reward them after the “procedure” is over.

4. A thermometer

Once they get up there in age or after they recovered from an illness, pups need monitoring. Constantly. It is a no-brainer to have a dog thermometer at home. The device can help you recognise a problem immediately and provide the help that’s necessary. On the other hand, the thermometer can show that the treatment or medicine is working.

Everyone can choose between in-ear, rectal and infrared thermometers. In-ear thermometers require delicacy when using and are quite accurate. They aren’t super expensive, too. Rectal thermometers are accurate and cheap but unfortunately, not everyone is able to use them due to psychological barriers. That’s absolutely fine. The last type – infrared thermometers are the most expensive but they’re the most accurate and display readings in the shortest time. More so, you don’t need to insert them anywhere. 

5. Chewing toy

All dogs love chewing. It’s just like licking paws for cats. However, chewing can be aggressive and hazardous to your belongings as well as pups themselves. This is why you should get a chewing toy for them. Preferably, one that strengthens their teeth and promotes dental health.

Alternatively, if you don’t want a squeaking toy, you could opt for very chewy snacks and treats. There are some which promote dental health.

6. Paracord leash and collar

Regular leashes and collars fade in comparison to paracord alternatives. Paracord was first used and still is in use by paratroopers. It’s the material which the parachute strings are made of. It’s amazingly sturdy and durable which means that your leash won’t break and it will be harder for the pup to pull away or run away as well as disobey commands.

It isn’t all that expensive, so you should definitely give that a look!

How to make and keep your dog happy?

In this article, we listed 6 unique items that should help you strengthen your bond with the pup and make them feel and behave better which is a crucial ingredient for their and your happiness. But what other things make dogs happy? What should you do more and what should you do less to keep your dog happy and full of joy?

  • Be active. Only a few breeds can flourish indoors. You need to be active and play/walk/run outside. Some breeds do require more than 2 hours of training per day. There’s a saying that a tired dog is a happy one. Believe it.
  • Get close and pet. Dogs are biologically and psychologically wired to seek love and affection from parents/owners. If you pet them, cuddle them, lay with them and shower your pet with kind words, they will have a lot less reasons to be unhappy.
  • Well-balanced nutrition. If your dog doesn’t get enough vitamins or nutrients, he or she will feel bad and won’t be happy. Try to give them what they need.
  • Less stress. Do your best to help puppies deal with stressful situations. Cuddle them during thunderstorms, hold them tightly when you’re cutting their nails for the first time or shaving them, let them get used to devices, etc. Reward them afterwards. Stress-free dogs are the happiest.


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