4 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Full

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Hunger is a natural sensation, but it cannot be charming when it pops up, and we don’t want to take in more calories.  Instead of letting ourselves dive off the deep-end and have bread and sweets, we always need to find alternatives that won’t hurt our waistlines.  Here are four fantastic snacks that will keep hunger at bay without racking up the calories.  We deserve to feel full without filling up our scales!

1- Childhood Favorites

There are some snacks that we loved as kids that can be fantastic as adults.  Ants on a log, a snack popular in the 1950s to current times, is a great way to get protein and greens in.  The classic version of this is a cut and cleaned celery stick with peanut butter spread in the open end of it, topped with raisins.  This food is a fun textural snack with lots of protein that’s both filling and delicious.  There are other ways to make this if you don’t like or can’t eat peanut butter; many use cream cheese or ricotta cheese instead, and others replace the raisins with anything from almonds to berries.  Find a combo that makes you happy, and enjoy it!

2- Overnight Oats

Although these delicious oats were a peaking trend in 2018, that doesn’t mean they’re out of style now!  You can prepare these up to a couple of days ahead and enjoy a perfectly portioned snack whenever you’re ready for it!  Oats are a healthy energy booster that will keep your cholesterol checked and help you push through your day.  Instead of avoiding sweets, you can make your oats healthily taste like dessert.  Peanut butter and chocolate protein powder together will make it taste like Reese’s cup with fewer calories and more filling protein!  You could also go a more natural route with fruit and honey instead. 

3- Hummus and Veg

A quick tip- be sure to measure out your serving of hummus instead of dipping from a container because it’s protein-dense, but it’s also calorie-dense.  You can cut your favorite veggies up the night before, everything from bell peppers to broccoli, and enjoy little servings of hummus and vegetables throughout the day.  The hummus will satisfy your savory needs, and the vegetables will help fill you up and occupy your mouth!

4- Anything And Apples

Apples are very high in water, low in calories, and are incredibly versatile.  If you’re preparing snacks the day before going out and looking for homes for sale in Vancouver, you can slice your apples and drizzle them with lemon juice, so they don’t brown.  Your creativity only limits the toppings.  A little honey and cinnamon can create an apple pie flavor while dipping them in cottage cheese can give you a savory and sweet mix.  For protein, you can use any nut butter!  Although it may seem strange to think of apples themselves as a base for snacks, there are tons of things you can do with them if you see them as something to build flavor around.


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