How To Order Contact Lenses Online – Colored Contacts Buying Guide

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Are you planning to order contact Lenses? Is it the first time you buy such a product? Buying colored lenses is an exhilarating experience for newbies, given the vast selection of colors, types, and tints. 

People tired of their appearance decide to make some changes by investing in a pair of bold-looking lenses. These medical devices serve the purpose of accessories, as you won’t need a necklace, earrings, or hairband to complement your outfit

Looking for such a product means considering a few vital factors like the length of wear, material, type, and color of the model.

We hope this buying guide will make your decision easier to make.  

Consider the length of wear

The very first factor to take into account when shopping for colored contacts is the length of wear. Since most people wear such lenses for cosmetic reasons, one has to determine the frequency of wearing them. Some individuals wear them occasionally, while others prefer wearing them on a daily basis. 

For instance, day-to-day models can be worn throughout the day but need to be disinfected at night in order to be inserted the next morning. These are the most affordable models but the maintenance requirements are rather demanding. In order to maintain the contacts properly, you’d need a lens solution and a case to store them correctly. See the following link,, for a detailed explanation of caring for contact lenses. 

Additionally, extended-wear models are allowed to be worn between seven and thirty days as long as wearers disinfect them once per week. These colored contacts can be worn both during the day and overnight since oxygen is capable of coming in contact with the eyes. If you plan on using them for a month, remember to remove them several times per week not just once. 

Single-day wear models should be disposed of at night and replaced with a new pair the following day. These are the best choice for individuals who lack patience for disinfecting and maintaining their lenses regularly. Nevertheless, the price of disposable colored contacts tends to be higher than the cost of modes for extended use. 

Regardless of the type you need, make sure to invest in a UV-blocking model. UV radiation is considered detrimental to one’s eye health, as it may result in the development of severe eye conditions. Therefore, buyers are encouraged to purchase colored contacts with UV protection to keep their eyes protected from the harmful UV rays when wearing them.

Soft vs. hard variants

Another thing to decide when shopping for colored contacts is choosing between a soft or rigid model. Soft lenses provide better comfort owing to the hydrogel materials, whereas the rigid ones are made from less flexible but more durable materials. The latter are also believed to provide a sharper vision. 

Nevertheless, colored contacts are predominantly soft, as most people don’t wear them consistently. These are the best alternative for newbies who aren’t used to wearing such medical devices. Also, you won’t be needing the lenses to sharpen your vision, which is yet another reason to opt for a soft model. Remember that hard contacts are more appropriate for people looking to improve their vision, such as those with astigmatism. 

Choose a type

When looking for colored contacts, you will be provided with Plano and corrective models, both of which require a prescription. The former are suitable for people wanting to change the color of their eyes for no particular reason but to look differently. Conversely, the latter are both decorative and corrective, appropriate for people with astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia. 

In addition, colored lenses come in a variety of tints, which alter the appearance of eyes in their own specific way. Nowadays, buyers are able to order contact lenses online, available in various tints and colors. For example, the enhancement tint is ideal for people with eyes in light colors whose goal is to make the eye color look distinctive. These models are translucent, hence not suitable for individuals who look for a dramatic change. 

The visibility tint causes no alterations in the eye color of wearers but assists them in finding or inserting the lenses without investing any special effort. These models are surprisingly convenient since wearers can find their contacts easily regardless of where they have put them. The light green and baby blue color make these devices more visible to users. 

The opaque tint is the best alternative for individuals with dark-colored eyes because it entirely changes the natural hue. The color range of these lenses is vast, ranging from models in blue, green, and brown color to more specific tones like violet, pink, hazel, emerald, grey, etc. You can even have custom colored contacts designed by opting for the custom tint. These are usually ordered by people with specific requirements or those with eye defects. 

Choose the right color

The choice of color depends on the willingness of buyers to experiment with new looks. People who want to order contact lenses that have no drastic changes but keep the natural look are suggested to opt for a model with an enhancement tone. Individuals with light-colored eyes would experience a slight change in appearance, as this tint deepens the color and makes the iris more prominent. If your skin tone is light, look for colored lenses in a blue, green, or grey hue. 

In contrast, people with dark-colored eyes wouldn’t benefit from the enhancement tint because it will make no difference. Therefore, these buyers are encouraged to purchase contacts with an opaque tint in a light tone such as blue, green, or hazel. Light tones have a remarkable effect on individuals with a dark complexion, attracting the attention of everyone they come in contact with. Those fond of bold looks can opt for more specific tones like pink, yellow, or orange lenses. 

Final word

Colored contacts can be adapted to different skin tones, hairstyles, and outfits. 

These “accessories” give every person a chance to be bold!


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