Job Description Templates: Do’s and Don’ts

Job Description Templates

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Writing a job description is an art in itself too. This is because, the right kind of a job description will garner you the best and the most matched candidates, while a Job description templates with ambiguity or errors may either not get you much resumes or may end up attracting the wrong candidates.

Follow These 10 Dos and DON’Ts and Write a Better Job Description!

As with any kind of writing, you have to follow a set of rules not only to ensure that it is correct, but also to make sure that it achieves your purpose for writing it.

To master the art of writing a job description templates, you can follow these ten DOs and DON’Ts we have listed down for you. 

  • DO describe the position briefly in a one or two liner intro.

DON’T use acronyms without their full form.

  • DO list down the relevant academic and professional qualifications, specific to the role.

DON’T mix qualifications with no relation, such as Digital Marketing with Medical.

  • DO mention the responsibilities and tasks that you expect the candidate to perform as an employee.

DON’T leave out any additional responsibilities that the candidate will have to perform.

  • DO mention the accurate location and some nearby landmarks for easy understanding.

DON’T forget to double-check the contact details such as the email address, phone number and office address.

  • DO specify if the position is full time, part-time, temporary, contract-based or an internship or whichever.

DON’T give a pay scale with a huge gap, such as 25K to 50K.

  • DO mention if the position will require travel from time to time.

DON’T forget to mention if the position is remote.

  • DO list down any departments that the candidate will have to remain in coordination with.

DON’T mention the name of the person the candidate will report to.

  • DO use simple and concise language, with the right terms specific to the post.

DON’T add fluff or unnecessary words such as great, basically, heavy, usually.

  • DO add any kind of additional qualifications that may prove to be of value to the role, especially online professional certifications. 

DON’T include minor tasks, which do not have a direct relation with the job such as inputting performance in the daily sheet.

  • DO give a brief intro about the company culture and the nature of the company if possible.

DON’T go with a generic template or copy/paste a job description from the internet. Tailor it according to your company’s requirements.

Go Through Some Templates for Better Understanding

The internet is a treasure chest of knowledge. You can learn any kind of task by reading some articles and watching a few videos. Similarly, you can visit for free job description templates and get a better understanding of the ways of writing a job description. 

Going through the templates and following the DOs and DON’Ts we have listed, you will have definitely learnt a thing or two.


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