5 Reasons You Need a Microfiber Hair Towel (Your Hair Will Thank You)

microfiber hair towel

Are you tired of having matted, frizzy hair? Are your curls suffering from harsh cotton? Looking for a way to get shiny, healthy hair fast?

Sometimes finding a product that boosts our hair’s health can be tricky; we want a product that will create shiny hair that leaves us feeling confident, but it’s hard to know where to start.

Though they’re not a new product, microfiber hair towels are revolutionary when it comes to taking care of your hair.

Here, we outline all the reasons you need to make the switch to microfiber!

1. Microfiber Hair Towels Stay Put

When you use a regular cotton bath towel to wrap your hair, it can be difficult to get the bundle to stay on your head, especially when you’re rushing around to get ready or cleaning up after your day.

Microfiber wraps do the work for you because of their tapered design, creating the perfect fit around your head, allowing you to continue about your day without worrying about your hair tumbling down.

2. Ideal for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you know the struggle of brushing out your hair, slathering on the best product, and tying your hair back only to have a tangled mess when you let your hair down. Using a microfiber hair towel leaves your mane in order and mess-free when you go to style it!

These curly hair towels are also great if you use the Curly Girl Method or need to “plop” your hair instead of wringing it out.

3. Microfiber Traps Moisture

One of the most important things when it comes to having healthy hair is to make sure you are using the least amount of heat as possible.

I know, we all love to have beautiful blowouts and use our straighteners, but in the long-run, heat damages our hair. Using a tool that traps moisture faster than cotton helps us save time and energy by letting our hair air-dry instead of blasting heat onto our saturated strands.

4. The Wraps Are Compact

Since these microfiber hair wrap towels are great at absorbing water, they tend to be a bit smaller than normal towels, making them ideal for travel! You can toss your hair wrap into your gym bag, a carry-on, or take it on a weekend beach trip, all without having to lug around full-size bath towels.

Because of their versatility and convenience, these fun and functional wraps would make great gifts for daughter, a sister, best friend, or even girlfriend.

5. Provide Protection for Every Hair Type

Another piece of good news: you can use microfiber towels for hair benefits no matter what hair type you have! The microfibers are much softer than cotton, meaning that thick hair will become softer and stronger while protecting thin hair from breakage.

Now, Time to Decide Which Towel!

Convinced to grab up a microfiber hair towel? Ready for improved hair strength and to make your life a little bit easier?

From pink to blue to red to grey, there are many styles, colors, and brands to make your transition to microfiber wraps that much easier!


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