Retail Storefront Designs: 7 Ways to Boost Your Store’s Curb Appeal

retail storefront designs

If someone asked you what’s the one thing that attracts customers to your store, what would you say? Excellent customer service? Incredible online reviews and referrals?

Great products? How far down on the list would curb appeal be?

Wait! Curb appeal matters?

A whole lot it does, and so do retail storefront designs! According to research, a store’s external appearance influences where a whopping 95% of people shop. Some decide not to visit the store based on the appearance from the street, others avoid it if it’s seemingly dirty, while others pass it by because it doesn’t look like a place they would normally shop.

The storefront is your best opportunity to capture and convert passersby to customers, so  you need to appeal to them and attract them to lure them in. It’s imperative that you take the initiative to improve your curb appeal by looking at some of our best retail storefront designs ideas. Let’s dig in and see what you can do to up your game and Atlanta LED screen for signage use enhance your business’ curbside appeal, shall we?

1. Create an Eye-Catching and Memorable Business Sign

You may not know this, but one of the best retail storefront designs is to create eye-catching business signage. Front signage can be incredibly magnetic because 70% of Americans visit a store for the first time based on their signage. A large number of them purchase products or services from a store because it had a compelling sign.

This means that you need a sign that gets attention and brings in a large share of the people that look at it. Of course, the sign has to align with your business brand image, so everything from the content to the colors has to come into play. Additionally, the signage has to appeal more to your target market and call out to them by enticing them or promising to offer value once they come in.

2. Freshen up Your Building

When was the last time you updated your building facade? It’s important to freshen up some elements of your retail storefront designs and update the overall look of your business. Your business is not that different from your home, and painting is one of the best home remodeling projects.

You can start by repainting a building and using a fresh coat that will make your storefront pop, or pressure wash it to bring back the clean look it had when it was first painted.

Go the extra mile to add an outdoor awning to create a professional and exciting image, especially if your store lacks some unique architectural elements. Of course, other maintenance aspects like washing your storefront windows should be done on a regular basis to enhance your business image.

3. Leverage Landscaping If Possible

Some of the best retail storefront designs have everything to do with landscaping, and it can take your brand image to a whole different level. If possible, you can add greenery, fresh flowers, a paved walkway, a statue, or even a fountain.

Even better, why not go the extra mile and create a sitting area outside your store. This will come with two benefits, which are making your space look beautiful and establishing social proof. When passersby look and see other customers sitting in front of your office, it will automatically enhance your business appeal and make them more likely to stop by as well.

Look for landscape artists who specialize in commercial projects and have experience with retail spaces. Explore their portfolios, websites, and online reviews to assess their style, creativity, and ability to deliver on your specific requirements.

4. Make Incredible Window Displays

Regardless of whether you’re in a great destination with a lot of foot traffic or not, it’s vital for you to create incredible window displays that tell your story well. Your window displays, if not anything else, should be the one thing that invites your customers in.

One of the best things about well-thought-out retail storefront designs, like incredible window displays, is that they encourage impulse sales by piquing customer curiosity.

It’s essential for you to keep changing the displays, albeit keeping up with the brand image. You don’t have to do anything extravagant because even if you keep it simple and compelling enough to evoke emotion, it will still draw people in. This is all about engaging and inspiring your customers.

Aside from window displays, fit outs can transform your store’s appearance, optimize product visibility, and create an appealing and engaging shopping experience for customers. They also help you maintain easily accessible, organized inventories by incorporating well-designed storage areas. That way, your staff can replenish window-displayed products quickly, maintain a clutter-free store environment, and provide efficient customer service. You can hire a professional contractor, such as Dimensions and other similar providers.

5. Use Murals on the Building

If there is any way you can make your building instantly recognizable for what you sell, then go ahead and make it one of your retail storefront designs. For instance, consider putting up a tall banner that is easily visible with beautiful colors on the building. Write visible texts about what you have to offer and add pictures of some of your best products to attract even more customers.

This is not necessarily to show the prices, but to show your target market that you have what they need in the store. If it’s impossible for you to put it on the building, you can get a free-standing banner holder and place it by your store. As long as it’s visible and carries the same message, it will attract the customers you need.

Consider collaborating with a professional mural artist or graphic designer specializing in creating custom murals. You can work together on a piece that best aligns with your brand and the overall store aesthetic. It can be abstract, illustrative, realistic, or any other style that speaks of your identity.

6. Decorate With Balloons

One of the best, and possibly one of the cheapest retail storefront designs you can utilize is decorating with balloons. Who doesn’t like balloons?

The best thing about them is that you can install them or hang them anywhere, like your railing or cinder blocks. All you have to do is keep on replacing them if they deflate in the sun, but otherwise, they’re an incredible attraction.

7. Add Wicket or Sandwich Board Signs

Wicket signs are lightweight and affordable, and you can use them for limited promotions and discounts. These can be great for businesses close to busy intersections or parking lots that provide a lot of foot traffic. If not, you can use sandwich board signs, which are portable and easy to write on.

Sandwich board signs have become a main attraction for many restaurants and cafes and are used to grab attention with catchy phrases, snappy remarks, or bulleted lists. If you’re worried about inspection, you can always use them on the weekends. This is one of the best curb appeal ideas because, during that time, traffic will be higher.

The Best Retail Storefront Designs to Enhance Your Business’s Curb Appeal

If you have been looking for ways to upgrade your business’s curb appeal and attract more customers, these retail storefront designs will go a long way into helping you achieve that goal. Some of these are cheap and easy to get, so don’t be afraid to go all in and do as much as you can to attract customers to your store.

Now that you know how to improve your curbside appeal, please check out more of our blog section for more informative posts about real estate, home, travel, gambling, and more.


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