Best Digital Keyboards Buying Guide

Best Digital Keyboards Buying Guide

A pianist is an integral part of a band and any musical group. It requires great hand-eye coordination and the best digital piano to produce quality music. It can be daunting to pick an ideal instrument that can support your abilities. Finding a perfect digital piano, best electronic drum set, and other instruments have become quite difficult.

There are so many options to choose from. Beginners find it more daunting because they didn’t take their hands on any such thing before. There are some impressive options and this guide will help you in buying a flawless digital piano to become a better musician.

What is a digital piano?

It is an electronic keyboard instrument, which has replaced the conventional acoustic piano. A digital piano can produce a variety of sounds, unlike traditional acoustic pianos. Every high-quality digital piano comes with weighted keys. That’s how it resembles traditional pianos.

It is a cheaper alternative to expensive traditional pianos, which are quite bulky. You can easily pack a digital keyboard in a carry case and carry it wherever you want. It is beginner-friendly and now widely used across the globe to produce music.

Types of digital keyboard/piano:

Types of digital keyboard







Although digital pianos are designed to replace their traditional counterparts, all are not built the same. These instruments are available in several types, which are as follows:

  • Portable digital piano:

It is also called the slab piano. It is the most widely known type of digital piano. You do not get a bulky base with this instrument. Therefore, you can easily pack it and carry it wherever you want. It comes with a complete range of 88 hammer-action keys, which you get in acoustic pianos. Therefore, it is a bit bulkier than non-weighted pianos.

  • Console digital keyboards:

It is the second most widely used digital keyboard. You can call it the best electric piano that resembles an acoustic piano. Its sound, look, and touch makes it very similar to traditional acoustic pianos. Their furniture-style cabinets make it very different than portable counterparts.

  • Digital grand piano:

Invest your money in this instrument if you have a big budget. Being the most expensive digital keyboard, it is not usually played with box drums. However, this type of digital keyboards offers an uncompromising playing experience. This piano can deliver more powerful sounds than a portable or console keyboard.

  • Upright digital keyboard:

Being a subtype of console digital keyboards, the upright digital keyboard looks fancier and pretty impressive. Many people mistakenly assume that it is a console keyboard, but it is more like a console and grand piano hybrid.

The design and shape of the digital piano keyboard differentiate them from one another. There are stage pianos, arranger type keyboards, and several other options to choose from. Consider all these types before you place the order.

How to buy a digital piano?

Focus on the following features when buying a digital piano:

How to buy a digital piano







  • Touch response and keyboard action:

Digital keyboards are designed to offer the different feel of the keys. Their mechanical components create a little resistance that’s why the keys feel a bit weighted. So, feel the touch of a keyboard or check reviews to assess how it feels when playing. Thus, you will get something quite similar to a traditional piano.

  • Sound quality:

The sound quality of a digital keyboard piano depends on samples used by the producer. Every brand uses certain samples to create piano sounds. They rely on digital technology to capture those sounds and reproduce them. So, check the sound variations available in digital pianos. You will get a keyboard with a wide range of sounds, which you may like to produce for your tracks.

  • Polyphony:

The number of tones or notes a digital keyboard can produce is known as polyphony. There are digital keyboards, which can produce 32, 64, 128, and 264-note polyphonies. Assess each kind of keyboard and pick one, which suits the best to your needs.

  • Is it beginner-friendly?

If you have just started piano classes, you want a beginner-friendly digital keyboard. It should come with learning tools and guides. Many brands offer digital pianos with great learning manuals. Choose such a keyboard to master the craft as soon as possible.

  • Do you want a digital piano for home use or stage?

It is the most widely ignored factor when people search for the best digital piano. Digital keyboards built for home-use are bulky and come in a variety of styles. Portable pianos are perfect for stage use. You can buy a dedicated stand to set up that piano and play it on the stage.

You should buy a portable piano with a portable stand if you want to play it in shows and on remote locations. Buy a console, upright, or grand digital piano if you want to play it at home.

Final thoughts:

The market is flooded with digital keyboards. This instrument is way more affordable than traditional acoustic pianos. We have just explained different factors you should consider before buying a digital keyboard. Now, it should not be too tough for you to pick the best digital piano for impressive performance. Visit and you will find top-rated digital keyboards right now!


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