The Benefits of Topical Cannabis Use

Benefits of Topical Cannabis Use

One of the ways of consuming cannabis is topical application. It is also by far the safest method of usage. The user won’t experience the ‘high’ that is associated with smoking or orally ingesting marijuana. In topical usage, ointments and creams are used which are quite effective in offering cells with useful cannabinoids. 

How do Cannabis Topical Work?

In a study published by the United States’ National Library of Medicine, it has been found that there are both CB1 and CB2 receptors located in several sectors of human skin like hair follicles, nerve bundles and sweat glands (view the source).

The chemical compounds present in the cannabis plants may have a positive effect on the receptors. This can lead to a beneficial and therapeutic impact on the brain. 

Topical cannabis is for those people who wish to put away the psychotropic effects of the cannabis plants. They can also be used by people who are especially sensitive to THC and that includes children and elderly patients mostly. This is mostly so because cannabis topicals give the user the required treatment without giving them the associated high. 

Although the topical usage of cannabis has recently begun to garner popularity, the method of application is relatively old. Many cultures have been making good use of the pain relieving and therapeutic benefits of cannabis topicals for many centuries now. 

In fact, the medicinal properties of cannabis plants were first discovered by the ancient Chinese Emperor, Shin-Nung. That is also briefly what earned him the title ‘Father of Chinese Medicine. ‘ 

Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

The following are the benefits that the cannabis topicals offer to users. 

1. Burns

A case where a man suffered a burn caused by a car exhaust went viral when the usage of cannabis oil and antibiotic cream were used to treat the wound. While it took the cannabis topicals only a few days to treat the burnt area compared to the antibiotic cream, the wound has healed considerably better than the area treated with antibiotic cream. After that, many people have reported that treating burns with cannabis is quite effective.

2. Inflammation

Patients suffering from swollen joints reported positive conditions and significant betterment in their condition after using cannabis topicals. Most of them agreed with the fact that usage of Cannabis topicals greatly improved their condition. 


Cannabis tinctures impact the inflamed areas directly. Thrust, they help in effectively reducing the pain associated with the joints through the day. This way the patients find it easier to sleep in the night. CBD topicals are most often used by patients with ailments like rheumatoid arthritis. 

3. Skin infections and overall skin condition

Cannabis topicals and other cream applications also help with bacterial and fungal infections in the skin. Along with these, they also work wonders with oral infections. You can easily treat an abscessed tooth or a canker sore by relying on cannabis topicals. Simply apply the cannabis oil cream or oil under your tongue and wait for the effects to kick in. 

Further, the cannabis products which have to be smoked or vaped, deteriorate the condition of the skin. Unlike such products, the herb when used in the form of cannabis topicals can help in fighting acne. It is also known to improve the elasticity of your skin and helps in keeping it more youthful. 

4. Chronic Pain

Cannabis helps in pain reduction when administered in 2 ways, i.e., by ingestion of the herb or by using topical application of the weed. The medication acts quickly and is also specific to the location. Luckily enough, it can also offer positive treatment for chronic pain problems rather than just masking its symptoms and giving temporary relief.

Chronic Pain

As opposed to the prescription drugs, cannabis products do not harm your liver. Therefore, it can both reduce and relieve pain while leaving your liver unaffected. 

5. Cancer

One of the most devastating diseases could be treated by using cannabis topicals. Although very destructive in nature, the growth of cancer cells is a very simple process. The abnormal cells begin growing out of control and completely ignore the feedback of the protein p53. Cannabis not only works on improving the body’s capacity to inhibit the growth of these cells but also offers considerable help in their destruction. 


Topical use of cannabis is one of the safes methods of usage. You won’t experience the “high” and its use is very simple and effective. We hope you found the above article helpful and will give cannabis products a try. You can head over to Budmail. They offer variety of high-quality cannabis products. Here is a Guide from to learn more about the health benefits of cannabis.


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