How to Plan a Camping Trip: 4 Simple Steps?

Plan a Camping Trip: 4 Simple Steps

If anything, camping trips are the perfect excuse to get away from the sophisticated, worldly happenings. You get a chance to spend time in the lap of nature. Apart from giving you a blissful experience, it also is found to be quite a happiness and health booster.

But the key question of how to plan a camping trip lingers in the minds of many first-timers. We are going to give our two cents in helping you plan a wonderful camping trip effortlessly. 

Decide what is important to you

The first question you might want to ask yourself is often “What do I want to do?”. This will decide everything, from where you should go to what you will look for at a camping site. 

If you have no idea of what to expect from camping spots, consider the following factors:

1. Activities

Camping sites are filled with adrenaline-pumping activities like Hiking, Rafting, Diving, and Biking. However, make sure to find a camp spot that has easy access to your preferred choices of outdoor activities.

If you are camping with your family, choosing a campsite near playgrounds and children-friendly places will please both you and your family. 

2. Tents or RV?

Recreational Vehicles or otherwise popularly abbreviated as RV is another fun way to spend time hanging and chilling. You can treat yourself to the luxury of RVs, and they are also great for families.

The only thing to make sure is finding a camp spot with the right space for those wheels. You can also opt to go into the woods or by the lake near to your favorite activities. 

3. Camp in style or Rough it up

Accessible bathrooms, electric hookups, and running water from taps are not common in a rough camping style. Be sure of not overlooking these details when you plan to go camping. If you enjoy luxury camping complete with wifi, electrical outlets, and lush furnishings like those at Royal Gorge Colorado glamping.

4. Group or Solo Camping? 

If the number of people in your group increases, so will the variety of interests. If you have a tiny group, a single camp spot will do just fine. But if you are part of a larger group, family cabins are a great option to consider. 

Reserve Your Campsite

Once you have made up your mind on how and what you want to do at a campsite, the hunt for such a perfect camp spot begins.

Reserve Your Campsite

Certainly, read the descriptions and the reviews on valid campground websites, or you may contact the campground directly for more details.

Reserving your camp spot is a 2 step process:

1. Check availability

If it is the Busy time of the year, i.e., the summer or the surrounding holidays, it may be necessary to make your bookings a month or two in advance. 

2. Online booking

This is a much easier option. Simply go to the website of any campground and make your booking. 

Planning your menu

Of all the steps, planning your menu could be the most daunting. However, cooking food outside is not as difficult as it seems, so do not worry. You can have it all; from a simple omelet to a proper pasta. Everything can be made with the right tools and storage options.

While everything can be done on the campsite, prepping for a few things like chopped vegetables and sliced meat at home can ease cooking outside. Do not forget to pack your cooking tools, some multipurpose dishes, spices and seasonings you love.

Food storage, if taken care of, you can stay completely free of worry. Plan on arriving with ice filled coolers as your menu will mostly need foods that can stay cold. 

Finish the easily perishable foods earlier in the first few days if your trip lasts longer than a couple of days. 

Pack the gear

Last but not the least, do not forget the essentials. You can in fact print this guide out to have a handy checklist so you do not leave anything behind. 

  • Shelter essentials: This includes tents, tarps, extra ropes or bungee cords if you are camping outside and not inside the RVs.
  • Sleeping essentials: Sleeping pads, sleeping bags, pillows, camping mats, air mattresses and blankets. 
  • Miscellaneous gear like trash bags, the tooth care kit, first aid kit, some warm clothes, maps, water bottles that come with filters, toilet papers, tissues, soap and a tub to wash your dishes in. 

It is easy if you own most of these aforementioned essentials, but if you do not, check and buy top quality products from trustworthy websites like Planet Camping

Finally, inform somebody in your friends or family of your whereabouts and when you plan on coming back. This is an important step that will ensure your safety if anything out of the ordinary happens.

So start planning your camping trip with our guide and we are sure that you will love every bit of the experience.   


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