An Adventurer’s Guide to the Best Cheap Destination Wedding Locations

cheap destination wedding locations

If you’re one of the 2.1 million American couples that are getting married this year, congratulations! There’s nothing quite so enchanting as the prospect of walking down the aisle toward a future with your soulmate.

Before you can begin your life together, though, you’ll need to make sure that your special day is the best that it can be. For many couples, this means picking a destination wedding venue so that you can have a wedding trip to last a lifetime.

This can be tricky when you’re on a budget, but it’s completely feasible. Read on to learn some amazingly beautiful cheap destination wedding locations that are perfect for anyone’s special day!

Cancun, Mexico

Lots of destination weddings happen on beaches, and with good reason. The ocean lapping at the sand is a beautiful thing, and it creates a romantic ambiance that can’t be replicated. However, heading off to Waikiki isn’t possible for many budget-minded couples. Between plane tickets and resort fees, you can’t expect your guests to shell out to get there.

Cancun is another resort town that has much cheaper tickets and hotel fees. You’ll still be able to have the ocean vibes that you crave and the open bar that you’ll love. Plus, authentic Mexican catering? Delicious.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Another great beach venue is Montego Bay in Jamaica. Both Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach offer boat tours, snorkeling, and opportunities to see ocean wildlife like turtles, dolphins, and more. In Montego Bay, you’ll also have the opportunity to hear (and try your hand at) steel drums, which are a lot of fun.

Note that this isn’t a good venue for same-sex couples to get married, but all of the other destinations on this list (especially Cape May) are completely amazing!

Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re a same-sex couple, Cape Town is the perfect destination venue for you and your loved one. This city is one of the most LGBT-friendly in the world, and it lays on the beach at the southernmost tip of Africa. You will enjoy the amazing and romantic beach ambiance offered by all beach venues as well as the cheers of friendly locals.

The beaches here are white-sand beaches in the same vein as Waikiki. The climate is also really temperate, so it’s always a beautiful day!

London, England

If you aren’t committed to getting married on a beach, London is a beautiful city that you’ll want to consider. Getting married surrounded by castles is a dream right out of a fairy tale, and there are old buildings and castles literally on every corner of London.

However, the real appeal of a London wedding is likely the parks and gardens all throughout the city. Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, and St. James’ Park are all gorgeous, fragrant, and the perfect place to set up chairs and walk down the aisle.

Paris, France

Of course, no list of romantic destinations would be complete without Paris: the city of light and love. There’s a huge space beneath the Eiffel Tower where you can say your vows assuming that you don’t mind a steady stream of tourists coming through. If you do mind, which is totally valid, renting out a boat tour of the Seine and getting married while on the water is amazingly romantic.

Also, if you choose London or Paris, you have the entirety of Europe at your disposal for the honeymoon! Plane tickets between European countries are dirt cheap, and the Eurail is another option that goes just about everywhere.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

If you’re strapped enough for cash that you don’t want to pay for plane tickets abroad, there are domestic destinations that will be perfect for your wedding. Cape Cod is one of these locations. It’s a beautiful beach town in Massachusetts with stretches of sand and ocean as well as beautiful resorts, amusement parks, and more.

You and your guests will have plenty to do both before and after the wedding, so consider booking a ticket here!

San Diego, California

San Diego is filled with parks and gardens that include picture-perfect palms. However, if you want to get married on a beach, there are also a lot of options here for you. In fact, this city features some of the best (and most well-known) beaches in Florida!

La Jolla Cove Beach and Coronado Beach are perfect for those who want that classic surf-and-turf vibe. You also may want to look into Sunset Cliffs Natural Park for something uniquely beautiful.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is commonly thought of as the Vegas of the East. It’s a place filled with casinos that are perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party, but it also has some really gorgeous and romantic areas where you can say your vows.

Rent out a private stretch of beach at one of the many resorts and set up a wedding venue there. If you want something a little more unique and lively, you can also get married on the iconic Atlantic City boardwalk. This landmark is not only aesthetically pleasing and picturesque, but it has a lot of history that you’re sure to be interested in.

More Cheap Destination Wedding Locations

Now that you know some of the best cheap destination wedding locations where you can have your special day, it’s time to learn more about these places. Check out the ‘travel’ tab on our home page to learn more about the destinations we’ve talked about today and others that you may be interested in.

Have an amazing special day!


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