The Best Apartment Hunting Websites in 2020

apartment hunting websites

Looking for a new apartment can be stressful. It’s exhausting touring apartment after apartment, only to find that none of them have an in-unit washer/dryer or a high-speed internet connection!

So what’s an apartment shopper to do? Luckily, that same high-speed internet connection you’re looking for can be the key to helping you find the right place. Here are some of the best apartment hunting websites out there today.

One of the premier apartment hunting websites out there, is a great place to start when looking for your new place. It’s loaded with features like virtual tours, transit scores, nearby schools, and a favorites list where you can see all of your potential homes. is also a great place to get contact information for individual apartment complexes and landlords. Then, you can give them a call and schedule a tour after you’re sure the place has all the things you’ll need.

The one downside of is that it doesn’t always have the most updated information. So even if that perfect apartment says that it’s not available, we’d suggest calling the rental company yourself to double-check.


RentHop is a great website to use if you’re looking to live in a big city like New York or Austin. Along with the apartment specifications, RentHop will show you a little bit of information about the community, like nearby restaurants.

RentHop also gives price comparisons with other complexes in the same neighborhood so you always know that you’re getting a good deal.


Zillow is one of the most popular apartment finders out there, partially because of its famous Zestimate tool. Simply type in a zip code and get price estimations for rents and mortgages in that area.

In addition to Zestimate, Zillow has a great interactive interface with a map to help you find the perfect spot to put down roots (whether that’s a home or apartment!)


Purchased by Zillow in 2012, Hotpads has plenty of filters to apply to your searches. In addition to those filters, you can add keywords like “lofted ceilings” to further tailor your results.

Hotpads also features a map with transit options to help you plan out your commute, whether that’s by car, bike, or foot!

Best Apartment Hunting Websites: Look Local!

While the above sites are some of our favorites, we can’t stress enough how important it is to look for local websites in your area! If you’re able to apartment shop through a local service, you’ll get insider tidbits and the most up-to-date information about the specific area in which you’re looking.

For example, lets Washington DC apartment shoppers select a specific neighborhood that they want to live in. Combined with a budget and pet filter, Daro Apartments is a great example of what local apartment hunting websites can do for you!

Find Your Perfect Place

Whether you’re looking for a small studio apartment in Brooklyn or a townhouse in Indianapolis, our list of the best apartment hunting websites has you covered.

Sit back at home (maybe with a glass of wine) and browse through potential apartments at your leisure. No need to go stress out on site with a realtor!

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