When You Need Harrisburg PA Criminal Attorneys

Criminal Attorneys

The services of a lawyer are not something that the average person needs daily. But you never know when you might need them. When you get in trouble, by accident or through your own fault, it is crucial to have an attorney. 

If you committed a criminal act, you need a lawyer to make the trial’s outcome as favorable as possible. You can hire it on your own, or get it assigned if you can’t afford it. At this link, you can find tips on finding a reliable legal counsel.

Hire Lawyer from Start

In case you are arrested for any reason, it is best to contact a lawyer while you are still in custody. If they have a power of attorney to represent you, they will fight to get you released on bail. The court will determine the bail based on many factors, such as the severity of the crime, your criminal history, family situation, etc.

You need legal representation from the beginning of the process, especially if you are accused of serious criminal allegations. Judges are often not sympathetic to people with serious charges. Still, everyone has the right to a bond hearing.

The judge considers your indictment and, taking into account other factors, determines the amount of bail and whether you will get it at all. Your lawyer is the one who will fight to get you released or at least reduce the bond amount. Without a legal defense attorney, the court has no counter-arguments that could affect the bond hearing outcome.

Talk to Attorney before Arraignment

If your legal representative has managed to get you released, a hearing will follow. It’s still not a trial, but a lot depends on the outcome of this meeting. That is why it’s not advisable to go there without a legal representative. The court allows you to plead guilty, although you will most likely reject that. After that, your lawyer should provide the arguments for denying guilt.

On the source below, learn how to determine whether to accept a plea bargain or not:


Before you come to the arraignment, it is good to meet with the lawyer, who will explain the legal situation. They tell you what you’re accused of and possible penalties if you turn out to be guilty of the charge. In agreement with them, you can decide whether to accept the plea bargain or deny guilt and enter the trial process.

Every case that goes to court has something that makes it unique. In law practice, it is rare for attorneys to have two different clients with the same cases. It means that the lawyer will have to delve into your legal problem and help you solve it.

During the Trial Period

Criminal Attorneys

Those charged with serious crimes already have a lawyer before the trial. Legal representatives have taken them through all the previous proceedings. If you are among those accused of a crime, but you’ve been self-defended by now, the start of the trial is the point when you need a lawyer from now on.

Although the law gives defendants the freedom to appear in court without attorneys, this is not desirable. Even if you have a good knowledge of legal matter and law, you don’t have the credibility that would give you a good starting position. On the other hand, lawyers like those from Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., have appeared in front of the jury and judges many times.

A good lawyer will stand for your interests in court. Their job is to find all the evidence and mitigate circumstances that will lessen your guilt or deny it altogether. Your legal representative is fighting for a lower sentence or a shorter jail time.

It’s recommended that you find a lawyer who specializes in cases like yours. For example, suppose you have caused an accident under the influence of alcohol. In that case, a good legal representative will be able to change part of your sentence to a stay in an institution where you will be treated for alcoholism. That’s what got you in trouble, and lawyers often come across such cases.

After the Judgment

The trial course largely depends on how you agreed with the lawyer and how you performed at the arraignment. If you have pleaded guilty, your legal counsel will try to lessen your guilt or justify a crime at subsequent hearings.

For example, suppose you have seriously injured a robber who broke into your house. In that case, a lawyer will try to indicate the burglar’s intentions to rob or injure you after breaking into your property. That doesn’t justify your action, but it shows that it happened in self-defense. More on this law, read here. Your guilt is clear, but in this way, the sentence or jail time can be drastically reduced.

On the other hand, if you have not accepted the plea bargain, your trial will start. It usually involves many hearings, which can be very long and tedious. You need legal representation as professional and moral support. They will realistically present the whole trial course and tell you roughly what you can expect.

Filling Appeal

Criminal Attorneys

After the verdict, the court will give the sentence. Depending on whether it meets your expectations or not, a lawyer may propose an appeal. If you accept it, their job is to fill in the lawsuit and submit it to the court within the legal deadline.

Below, inform about the procedure of appealing:


If the court confirms the appeal, the trial starts all over. Hearings are scheduled again, and the whole process can be taken away. But, your chances of reducing the sentence are growing, and this wouldn’t be possible without the lawyer.

Lawyers know the criminal law system and have access to many resources that can help in your situation. They are very skilled in negotiation and know how to appear in court, which results from years of experience. Lastly, legal counsels are your support. They can help you deal with a rollercoaster of emotions and help you go throughout the trial process.


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