4 Totally Cool Media Room Ideas for the Ultimate Entertainment Space

media room ideas

Screen time often gets a bad rap, but there’s been a lot of focus on the benefits of rewatching your favorite movies and shows lately, thanks to a 2012 study that’s resurfaced on social media.

This study reveals that re-living favorite movie moments can boost your happiness and provide a sense of comfort. So, having your own dedicated space to relax with your favorite shows makes a world of sense to combat anxiety and stress.

Here are some awesome media room ideas to kickstart your plans.

1. Media Room Ideas to Most of Your Space

A rectangular room’s idea for your home media room since it provides fewer issues with sound projection and lends itself to easy viewing. You can work make a few adjustments to compensate for a less than ideal space though.

If your room has too much natural light, heavy curtains or blackout shades will remedy the problem. You can adjust the shape of your space and cover up reflective areas using drywall.

Drywall or acoustic paneling can hide the concrete walls if you’re doing a basement installation too. Carpeting helps decrease ambient noise and flat paint colors in neutral colors will help reduce light reflection.

2. Managing Media Room Tech

Set up an audio-visual component rack near an electrical outlet to keep all your source components like the DVD and BluRay player, cable box, tuner, and network media streaming device.

You’ll need one woofer and 5 full-range speakers for optimum sound in your media room. Arrange them with the woofer in the fornt of the room with three speakers, and two speakers at either end of the back wall. Place your speakers at least 20 inches from the walls.

Your screen is the main focus of all your efforts, so invest in the best HD TN you can afford and mount it front and center for optimum viewing.

Are you concerned that HDTV might not deliver the results you expect? Visit this website to see some of the available options for perfect digital reception no matter where you live.

3. Media Room Seating Ideas

A modular sectional sofa works well for family movie nights as well as late-night binge fests for single viewers. A couch with a pull-out bed works well for little ones who like to snuggle up while watching their favorite shows.

Of course, if you’ve got the budget you can invest in swish individual recliners specially made to enhance the media room experience.

4. Media Room Decor

It’s important to keep your media room designs as simple as possible. Place movie posters on the back wall, so you don’t divert attention away from the screen.

Ideally, the less clutter in the room the better, since it can all affect your sound quality. You can add a few freestanding extras like a popcorn machine, coffee station, or refrigerator to add style and comfort to your experience.

More Ideas For Your Home

We hope these media room ideas have inspired you to make the best use of previously vacant space to bring enjoyment to your family.

If you’d like to find some more tips on how to improve your living spaces, keep browsing our ‘For the Home’ pages. We’ve got plenty of information on just about everything to do with home improvements and interior design.


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