8 tips to stay connected with family members in long-distance 


The second wave of the pandemic came in the most unexpected way, much in likeness with the first wave. And just like then, all people who were living away from their family were left alone for the longest time. The first time this happened, a lot of us had no clue what to do to maintain contact and positivity in our lives individually and as families and friends. And it is not a dream that many people drifted apart because of losing everyday touch. This year though, we are determined to keep relationships intact and not at bay. We are here to tell you a few ideas on what to do to keep things just the way they were. If you are couples in long-distance, siblings living in different countries, parents living away from your children, you don’t have to worry about spending time in lockdown the right way. From virtual date nights to the idea to send rakhi to Canada or have binge-watching sessions together, we are jam-packed with ideas that will sway you. Get ready for a load of happy occasions and fun-filled every day with these ideas. 

  • Meals on video calls

You can get together for meals on video calls by matching your schedules and setting laptops and cameras on the tables as such that they can see you and the delicious homemade food you have prepared. The loveliest bonds are made on lunch tables, and you can’t let go of it just because of long-distance. 

  • Online games in groups 

Many games came into place with the last lockdown and haven’t lost their touch even now. Play those games in a competition like you did the last time and make it even more interesting with cash prizes etc. Games like ludo have remained Tyo be popular due to the ease of playing, and you can catch up on it too 

  • Cooking together in themes 

Decide what you all want to have and make similar things for each other over lunch and dinner. You can set up cams while you make food and make one similar dish of your taste. Spending time with each other like this is rewarding in the true sense and a must-do. From pizzas, lasagnas to rice and pulses, everything can be cooked together. 

  • Celebrating on call 

Call each other more times than you can count and also on occasions with a bunch of happy things going around. A celebrative theme and a big party like the vibe in a house with more people deserve to be shared with your fam who is overseas. 

  • Pranks and fake calls 

They will never know it was you, even if you call them repetitively for a fun and prank conversation. You can definitely make it a weekly or monthly thing and what’s more entertaining is that they will tell you all about it on your calls. 

  • Surprise gifts 

Send surprise gifts to your family members who are away in lockdown and suspend presents like planners cakes, bouquets and other things that make sense to the day and vibe the decor completely. 

  • Workshops together online 

You can join dance classes and with your webcams on you can have a lovely happy time together. You can also hire a teacher that teaches you dance online and you can have a mini class for yourself. 

  • Makeup and gym classes 

Join gym instructors online class or attend makeup workshops just to have something to do together. It will be a vibe vomoeketly out of the box and filled with laughter that will also help you stay positive and vibrant throughout the time. 


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