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Sending flowers for Mother’s Day, to someone sick in the hospital, or to the birthday gal/guy is the norm these days. After all, flowers have been given as gifts for centuries and appreciated as a thoughtful and beautiful way to celebrate any occasion.

Today, it’s simple to go online and order flowers for delivery anywhere in the world, even overseas. There are plenty of online flower delivery sites, and many of them carry other gifts, such as candy or fruit. But sorting through all the possible flower delivery sites can be a hassle.

If you’re looking for the best flower delivery service for flowers, read on for 4 top sites, plus some honorable mentions.

1. Best Overall:

The name tells you this company has been around longer than the internet. But now you can skip the phone call, and check out their huge selection of flowers and other types of gifts online.

Their inventory includes not only flowers, but food, wine, stuffed animals, and candles. Their flowers and plants are long-lasting, high-quality, and they have a huge selection from which to choose.

This is the best site to check out if you are in a last-minute panic, and need to send flowers right away to any location. But you will have to pay a little more for last-minute delivery. Be sure to order flowers earlier for the more popular occasions, such as Mother’s Day, to ensure on-time delivery.

2. Best International Delivery: ABCFlora

Although many delivery companies will send flowers overseas, you want a service that guarantees freshness even when dealing with distance. ABCFlora is such a service, boasting many positive reviews for international deliveries.

If you are looking to send flowers abroad, you can browse these options to see how this innovative flower delivery service is working with growers in many countries to provide quality flowers all over the world. ABCFlora delivers to over 100 different countries, and besides their commitment to their growers, they are committed to on-time delivery for their customers.

When sending flowers internationally, keep in mind that different countries have different holidays, so know which pertains to your recipient and their location.

3. Best Farm-To-Table Flowers: Bouqs

Bouqs sources flowers from farms all over the world. You can even see the location of the farm where your flowers grow, as well as how they are grown. This is the option for those who are into sustainable and eco-friendly farming.

Bouqs also guarantees a long-lasting fresh floral arrangement anywhere you send it. But to achieve this promise, you will have to order your flowers four to six days in advance. This site makes up for that problem by offering no fee for same-day delivery if you use a local florist.

Bouqs also offers the best in non-flowering plants and succulents, like flowering cactus. These gifts are both eco-friendly and last longer than cut flowers.

4. Most Reputable: FTD

Florists’ Transworld Delivery, FTD, has been around over 100 years and is one of the most well-known flower delivery services in the world. Known by it’s “Mercury Man” logo, this company works with over 35,000 florists in over 125 countries, so it is easy to send a bouquet almost anywhere. Because this company is so large, prices are competitive, while still offering a broad selection of flowers.

FTD has been supporting local florists who belong to their network by assisting with their business and marketing needs. This strategy promotes loyal neighborhood florists who will work to produce and deliver the best flowers to your door.

Although the company did file for bankruptcy in 2019, FTD has recently acquired new leadership. The company continues working with local shops and providing quality flowers both internationally and within the U.S.

Best Runner-Up in All Categories: ProFlowers

Proflowers is becoming one of the biggest “go-to” flower services in the industry. This company has a reputation for beautiful flowers, better prices, and next-day delivery.

This site has some interesting options for gifts and plants that you might not see elsewhere, such as a bonsai tree or Mrs. Fields cookies. They also offer some unique vase designs for an extra fee. Or, you can forgo the vase altogether, and have the gift delivered in a sturdy, yet attractive box.

Proflowers is now a subsidiary of FTD, which acquired the Proflowers company as part of its restructuring plan. Both companies continue to work together to provide quality flower delivery services.

Other Good Options for Sending Flowers

Another nice option is a flower subscription service, which sends your recipient flowers at a regular interval.

BloomsyBox sends hand-picked bouquets sourced from eco-friendly farms on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription basis. Urban Stems works with Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and offers three different types of subscription plans. They also offer free next-day delivery.

On a budget? Try an arrangement from Benchmark Bouquets, which are easily ordered through Amazon. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can secure the delivery of flowers within two days with no extra charge. But be aware that Benchmark doesn’t deliver on weekends or Mondays. These bouquets are not quite as elegant as some other sites, but the price is right.

Sending Flowers Is Easy

There are so many flowers to pick from, so learn what your recipient prefers in a flower. Although roses are both classic and romantic, sometimes a less popular flower might be the ideal.

Now that you know the best sites for online flower delivery, make sure you send flowers today to whoever needs a thoughtful and lovely gift. Remember to visit your favorite site each time a gift-giving occasion arises. It’s great to know the many ways to order, create, and deliver flowers to your loved one with a few simple clicks.

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