How to Have Your Own Fairytale Wedding

fairytale wedding

Each year, over 2 million people say, “I do” in a wedding ceremony. They pledge to love each other till death do they part and spend the day celebrating with their loved ones.

Despite the fun that weddings bring, there’s always a flurry of activity that goes into planning a wedding, especially a fairytale wedding.

Are you engaged and wondering how to plan your long-time dream of a fairytale wedding? Here are some steps to follow to ensure your big day is one of the most magical.

Choose a Theme

Your theme sets the stage for your wedding – literally!

Everything you choose should be centered around your theme. Things like invitations, attire, flowers, food, colors, and so forth, should reflect in some way your vision for your wedding.

There are endless decisions to make when it comes to choosing things for your wedding. It’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly. When you have a theme, it’s easier to make choices because if it doesn’t fit with your theme, you shouldn’t use it.


While a true fairytale wedding might take place in a castle, riding off into the sunset in a horse and carriage, that’s not always economical or realistic! There are many wedding venue ideas. You have to decide: do you want to have an indoor or outdoor wedding?

There are many pros and cons of outdoor weddings, but they’re beautiful in the spring and fall if you live in an area where the weather is cooperative and calm. An indoor wedding can be just as lovely, inviting, and memorable as well.


When you search ‘fairy-tale weddings’ online, images pop up that look expensive, yet stunning and enchanting! Is it possible to replicate these for your wedding?

While you might want the most elaborate and expensive dress or decor for your wedding, it’s important to stick to your budget. Even if you can’t have exactly what you want, many other options come close and could save you a dollar or two!

Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding or event planners have experience planning all sorts of different weddings and might have an idea or two that would help you plan your big day.

If it’s in your budget, or if you’re extremely busy or have trouble making decisions, consider hiring a wedding planner to help you sort out thoughts or ideas that you have about your wedding.

Make It Unique

Fairytale weddings do have a certain reputation about them, but it’s important to keep it as unique to you and your fiance as possible! If there’s an element about weddings you don’t like, nix it and come up with something else. The closer your wedding reflects you as the couple, the more wonderful it will be.

Fairytale Wedding

Your fairytale wedding will be magical and memorable no matter what, especially with personal touches. Plan carefully and most importantly, enjoy the day!

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