3 Truths about Chiropractic Care All Fibromyalgia Patients Must Know

Chiropractic Care

Did you know that the most common, excruciating pain affecting most people these days is fibromyalgia? Based on the findings of the American College of Rheumatology, one out of 50 Americans is plagued with this ailment. Moreover, most patients suffer this pain because they’re never diagnosed and treated properly. 

The traditional treatment involves painkillers, sleeping pills, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxers. Then, there are natural ways to treat fibromyalgia such as chiropractic adjustments, meditation, and massage. 

According to an article published on Huffingtonpost.co.uk, the common symptoms of fibromyalgia are muscle stiffness, too much sensitivity to pain, sleeplessness, stomach pain, and headaches. In this article, we will walk you through the three truths related to chiropractic care for all fibromyalgia patients. 

  1. Safe and effective treatment

If you are skeptical about chiropractic adjustments for your fibromyalgia pain, stop worrying now. The treatment is 100 percent natural and safe provided you consult a certified and trained professional in the field of chiropractic care. 

Patients plagued with fibromyalgia receive light pressure to alleviate pain and attain the desired outcome. The truth is that after numerous adjustments on patients plagued with fibromyalgia, not a single person complained of any damage or harmful side effects of chiropractic adjustments. It is completely safe to treat pain and discomfort. 

  1. Drug-free, natural therapy

When you have excruciating pain, you usually pop pills to alleviate muscle ache. Then, that is a temporary solution and not an effective treatment, and these drugs have harmful side effects. That is why more people are switching to chiropractic care, which is safe and 100 percent natural therapy. 

Active Edge Columbus chiropractic and functional medicine is an all-natural treatment for fibromyalgia patients, which seeks to get to the root of the problem, resolves it, and helps to make your body heal faster than over-the-counter medications. 

Chiropractic care is holistic and the symptoms aren’t addressed as they crop up, but your whole body is believed to be a sole working organism, where every part is associated with the other. Therefore, adjusting one body part affects the other parts as well. 

  1. Treatment is effective 

You might be wondering whether chiropractors can help in alleviating fibromyalgia pain. Yes, they do. There are some studies to indicate pain management, symptoms, and other problems related to fibromyalgia when you go to a chiropractor. 

There is another study to show that combining chiropractic care with ultrasound led to improvements in pain and enhanced sleep, even after a year. Chiropractic care is also effective when combined with ischemic compression. (tourismiceland.is) A study proved that patients undergoing the treatment reported reduced pain up to 77 percent. 

Then, that does not mean all patients will experience the same effectiveness and at the same time. That is because fibromyalgia pain differs from one person to the other. Then, scientific research and patient testimonials prove that chiropractic adjustments are effective for managing fibromyalgia pain and symptoms. The results will vary and not happen overnight. 


These there are many options for treating fibromyalgia pain and symptoms. If you have them, consult a trained chiropractor near you right away.


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