Sensual Massage vs Professional Massage

Sensual Massage vs Professional Massage

When thinking about giving or receiving a massage, there are usually two very different images that arise in your mind. The type of massage one might receive at a spa for relaxation or therapy, and the type of massage your romantic partner might participate in with you. For professional massage therapists, the public misconception that one type may lead to the other, or that a reputable massage business may be a guise for sexual service can be frustrating.

In reality, professional massages and sensual massages share a goal of promoting relaxation and the release of tension. While the delivery between the two can be quite different, the ultimate goal is to give the client a sense of satisfaction at the hands of a trained professional. Massage therapy in all of its various forms is meant to heal and promote wellness. Wellness comes in many forms and can be achieved using a wide variety of methods. The common result of massage therapy, regardless of how it is administered, is a release of feel-good hormones that promote a general feeling of wellness, happiness and satisfaction.

The History of Professional Massage vs. Sensual Massage

A professionally trained masseuse utilizes both hands and fingers to concentrate on specific areas of both the upper and lower body, typically the back, neck, shoulders and legs, to identify and release points of pressure or tension. This can be done with a variety of techniques and styles originating from all parts of the world.

Professional massages can even employ the use of stones or cups to achieve a specific result. Cupping, for example, is a massage therapy technique that involves heating the air inside of a glass cup and then sticking it to the skin, allowing the vacuum that is created to pull toxins and tension out of the body. They also use various methods of relaxing muscles using hot stones, Thai, Aromatherapy and Shiatsu, to name a few. Asian and Indian cultures have practiced a variety of techniques for thousands of years, and many of them are still popular today.

In sensual massage, there is a focus releasing tension from the body not only by working the muscles, but also by encouraging sexual stimulation. At places such as Toronto erotic massage, they understand that anxiety and tension can be a result of sexual frustration, which tends to color many other aspects of daily life. Although sensual massage may seem like a relatively new variation of traditional massage, the practice has been around for thousands of years. The famous Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text, describes how physical touch and sexuality are connected.

Sensual Massage Variations

Professional massages vary widely in their style, technique and use of tools. Each option is chosen based on the client’s needs. Similarly, sensual massages can be tailored to target your specific sexual desire to ensure that you get the most out of the experience.

Massages can be administered by one or multiple attendants and involve luxurious oils and fragrances. The added element of scent helps complete the transition away from reality and into a relaxing, satisfying world that the attendant is transporting you to.

There are also options available to take the traditional massage off of the table and into a hot shower, where you and your attendant will conclude your sensual experience with soap and lather, adding an entirely new dynamic to the experience.

Both sensual and professional massage promote the release of endorphins, reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and promote relaxation. They are both beneficial for both mental and physical health and can have lasting benefits. Another benefit to sensual massage is that when enjoyed with one’s romantic partner, it can also improve and strengthen relationships! Couples who enjoy a sensual massage together not only enjoy the benefits of the massage itself, but also help connect with one another. Any type of massage can be intimidating, and requires trust between the therapist and the client. For couples, the reassurance of having a romantic partner present to enjoy the experience can help promote relaxation and create a shared experience that can further cement the bond they have with one another.

Making the Choice

Understanding the source of your tension is key to knowing which type of massage is right for you. Many facilities offer consultation services to help them understand your needs and how best to help. Many sensual massage professionals offer the same courtesy if you are feeling unsure, and can work with you to determine what type of service is best for you.

Sometimes a source of tension is simply inhibition. Shyness, self-consciousness can creep into our psyche and have a way of affecting even the most mundane day to day interactions. It can permeate personal relationships and make you feel unsure of yourself and erode your confidence. Sensual massage often requires a release of inhibition to even participate, and having a person take the time to care for and appreciate your body can help you appreciate your body, too. This promotes self-confidence that lasts long after the massage session has ended and can improve many aspects of daily life. After all, your body is an amazing, complex thing and caring for it is of utmost importance!

Being honest with yourself and introspective about what your needs are can help guide you to the right facility to meet your needs. Is your tension centered around work? Your personal life? Do you feel like you never have a moment in the midst of your busy life to take a few minutes for yourself? Asking these questions and answering them honestly will ease any anxiety you may feel about seeking out a massage service and helping you find the one that will benefit you the most. Whatever method you choose, be sure to research and and consult with a professional to ensure that they offer a service that is going to help address the tension that you are feeling.  


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