3 Easy Tricks to Quickly Boost Your Self Confidence

Boost Your Self Confidence

For a lot of people, it’s hard to have self-confidence. Some of us almost never have it at all. Others gain and lose it continually depending upon their mood, the time of day, or maybe even the weather.

Sure, some people never struggle at all. But they are the outliers. That is definitely not the norm.

Why are the rest of us like this? Why, all too often, are we so much harder on ourselves than anyone else would ever care to be? Why do we unnecessarily develop hangups about the smallest little things? We may never know the answer. But we do know that we can do something about it.

Any self-esteem boosts may still be fleeting at times. And you may have to keep implementing different strategies for it to really stick. But the following easy tricks really will help you gain better self confidence.

1. Feeling Your Best

More and more, it seems like at least some of our self doubt may be wrapped up with hormones and biochemistry. Things are happening all over our body and it clouds our judgement or prompts negative thoughts. This is why you should try to develop good habits and do what you can to avoid major swings and stress reactions.

Sleep might be the best example. When we’re tired and run down, our mood and serotonin levels suffer. Eating the wrong foods doesn’t help either, with constant sugar consumption triggering mood-altering hunger hormones like ghrelin and leptin. And even a little bit of exercise can help cut down stress hormones like cortisol as well. 

This isn’t to say practicing wellness will solve everything. But when you stay on track with sleep, diet, and exercise, some things are much more likely to fall into place. And even beyond the biochemical aspects, you will likely get a boost from the steadiness that living well can provide.

2. Looking Your Best

While it may not make sense — and it would be different in an ideal world — most of us can gain or lose a lot of confidence based upon how we look. This is of course very subjective. It also changes day to day. And most of us definitely waaay over analyze everything. 

At the end of the day, we’re all blessed with certain genetics. That combined with our overall health, fitness level, and diet are usually what define how we look, particularly in terms of our face. But there are definitely some big things you can do to feel a bit better about it all. 

Simple grooming and haircuts can do wonders. Makeup can completely change your look — and mood. And investing in the best skincare routines over the long term can make a massive difference. It’s amazing how much better you may perceive yourself when you look in the mirror and see clear, hydrated and glowing skin after something like a dark spot removal treatment, for example.

3. Doing Your Best

Mood and looks are definitely big factors in how we feel about ourselves day in and day out. But there’s one thing that goes beyond all that when it comes to a lasting, lifelong boost to our self confidence.

When you set out to do something and then accomplish it, that really sticks with you. Some self-esteem improvements are merely temporary. But even the most self-defeating and critical parts of your brain won’t be able to erase the objective fact of you achieving something.

And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be winning an Olympic gold medal or climbing Mt. Everest. It just takes making a habit of setting out to do things and then getting them done. Yes, landing that job or setting a new personal record at the gym are big. But more than anything, you just need to try to keep setting goals — big and small — and then checking them off your list.

Believing in Yourself No Matter What

Why do some many of us have so much self doubt? Why can’t we just wake up everyday feeling the same way about ourselves that we did in our better moments? It remains a mystery.

But that shouldn’t stop us from working to boost our self esteem. Try to practice wellness to stay more steady and feel good about yourself. Put some effort into looking your best, from how you dress, to haircuts to skincare. And, more than anything, work on setting — and accomplishing — personal goals.

If we’re being honest, you will likely always have some level of insecurity. It seems like that’s just human nature. But by doing the right things, you can continually improve your self confidence and keep moving on an upward trajectory.


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