Quilts Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Apart from looking good, your quilt must also feel good. Quilts are something to be used and treasured. This offers some kind of luxury when sleeping. It adds visual warmth to a room. It has a timeless appeal and charm that will lead to a historical feeling to your bedding and home. 

Through the years, quilts have been used for bedding. It is used as a decoration, artistic expression, and gifts. Furthermore, people use quilts to commemorate special events. 

Quilts are bed coverings, which consist of a fabric backing, soft batting, and top layer. These three layers are tied or stitched together. Quilting holds the layers together. The tying technique uses ribbon or yarn at spaced intervals. As such, here is a buying guide in quilts: 

Determine who will use the quilt 

First, determine who will use the quilt and where it will be used. Know if it will be used by an adult or a child. Adults would prefer a heavier quilt. Meanwhile, children are comfortable with a lighter quilt. Furthermore, care is important when selecting a quilt for a child. This is because children are more likely to have messes and spills. Check this website for online quilt covers

Size and Casing 

You will need to buy quilts that will cover your whole bed. It can be a single, double, king, or queen size bed. Experts suggest that you must buy a quilt that is one size up from your bed. This is especially true if you and your partner would usually compete for the covers. 

Quilts are encased using boxed or channeled styles. Channeled are sewn in straight lines from top to the bottom. This means that you can redistribute the filling when you push or press it down with your hands, depending on your warmth requirements. Meanwhile, boxed quilts are sewn into smaller squares. This means that the filling is distributed evenly. 

Cold Sleeper Quilts 

If you are a cold sleeper, you can choose to buy a feather and down, multi-layer wool, or microfiber wool quilt. This type of quilt can retain a lot of heat. As such, these are ideal for winter or places with cold climates. The wool quilt will help regulate your body temperature nicely. If you are a cold sleeper, it is best to select one with a few layers of wool to provide you with extra warmth. Make sure that you avoid cotton quilts because this does not retain heat at all. Even if you think that it is thick, it’s not going to give you enough warmth. You will only find yourself reaching for extra blankets. 


It is recommended to invest in a reputed brand when it comes to buying a quilt. Good brands use high-quality materials. With this, the quilt won’t wear or tear easily and it can last for many years. Check this website for online quilt covers. 

Read Feedbacks Online 

Make sure to do your research and check out the reviews and feedbacks of the product online. Apart from this, you must also check the star rating of the quilts. If there are no reviews available, reviews of a similar category can be considered.


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