How Can I Keep My House Clean? A Helpful Guide

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“How do I keep my house clean?” If it seems like you’re always asking this question, you’re not alone.

On average, the time spent on household cleaning is about 2.6 hours for women and 2 hours for men each day. That translates 34 days in a year trying to maintain a clean and organized home. It’s no wonder that 47% of cohabiting couples argue about cleaning!

Adding household chores to a full-day schedule of going to your job and taking care of the kids is daunting. It’s easy to put it off for the next day or plan to do everything in one fell swoop on a Saturday.

Except that this is the worst possible approach. You’re gonna hate how tired you are and how you’re not enjoying the weekend.

Make household cleaning easier for yourself by following these simple tips.

1. Get off to a Good Start

As soon as you can get the ball rolling, the next tasks become a little bit easier. So what’s the best way to get in the mindset of cleaning?

Make your bed.

It’s that simple but it makes a huge difference. It can instantly make the bedroom look tidy and only takes a few minutes.

It also gives you a sense of accomplishment at the start of your day. With that done, you’ll have the confidence to face the other challenges ahead.

2. Complete Small Tasks Each Day

Keeping a clean house is all about building momentum. That’s why it’s important to have a great start. Now you just have to continue making and maintaining progress.

Clean a little each day, every day. Break down cleaning chores into small tasks that you can easily handle.

Avoid tackling them all at once. This marathon approach to cleaning will more than likely burn you out.

3. Clean as You Go

Let’s face it. Dirt, mess, and clutter are unavoidable. They’re not going to stop but if you let them pile up, you’re gonna make cleaning them up ten times as hard.

Develop the habit of cleaning as you go. Put things away as soon as you see them. If you have to make a mess, take your mess with you.

If you take it out, put it away. Enforce this rule on yourself and your family members.

4. Use the KISS Principle

The reason why people get overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning is that they tend to over complicate stuff. They have different cleaning supplies and tools for each part of the house. While it can be helpful in some areas but a lot of times, it just leads to decision fatigue.

Simplify the process as much as possible. You don’t need that special brush or that particular brand of liquid before making the decision to start cleaning. Just make do with what you have.

5. How Can I Keep My House Clean by Myself? Answer: You Can’t

Unless you live alone, you’re not the slave of your household. It’s impossible to maintain a clean house all by yourself.

Enlist help from your family members. Bribe them if you have to. You can also try house cleaning services if it’s too much to handle.

A Clean House, A Calm Mind

The secret to keeping a clean house is all about getting into the right mindset of cleaning. Get into the habit of saying, “I can keep my house clean!”

Because you know what, indeed you can!

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