The Ultimate New Home Cleaning Checklist for First-Time Owners

new home cleaning

Moving into a new house is a wonderful and exciting time. While most people plan out the move itself and the host of unpacking, one thing slips by almost every time and that is the cleaning.

New home cleaning may feel weird and unneeded. After all, if the house was on the market, why wouldn’t it be clean?

There are a host of reasons you want to ensure a deep cleaning to your home. Today we’ll go over the important details and reasons for your new home cleaning.

Why a New Home Cleaning is Important

Why do you need a new home cleaning? The biggest reason is a sense of certainty. Until you have double-checked the cleanliness of your new home, you never know what might be lurking in the cobwebs.

It also gives you a chance to look for small problems and missed details. A home seller isn’t always as thorough as they should be and what looks good on a quick inspection may not be deep-down clean.

This also gives you a chance to look for small damages and neglected areas. You may notice the big problems when looking at houses, but small areas may pass you by. Take the time to explore and get to know your home.

Make a List of Rooms According to Priority

When you’re ready to get down, it is time to make a checklist for what your new home needs. If you have an opportunity, try and do this before moving any boxes in to avoid them getting in the way of cleaning.

Start by listing the areas that need the most cleaning. Often these are the bathrooms and kitchens as they have the most chance of waste and germ exposure.

Let’s run over the major areas and what you should focus on for your deep cleaning.

1. Bathrooms

Bathrooms have a lot of major germ areas. Toilets, tubs, and sinks are the big ones. Make sure any cabinets are empty.

Exhaust fans can amass a lot of dirt and dust. Mopping the floor can also help to remove stuck in stains.

2. Kitchens

Kitchen surfaces are all potential bed of germ contaminates. Wipe down every counter and, if possible, pull out appliances to clean behind them.

Cleaning ovens take a bit of a specific touch. Fridges are also a lot easier to clean before filling them. Consider running the dishwasher empty once to rinse out any leftover soap scum and grime.

3. Bedrooms and Living Rooms

The final bits will be the other rooms. Don’t forget the hallways as well! Since there will be little to no furniture or specific items in these rooms, it should be an easier time.

If you have carpets, look into a deep cleaning carpet steam cleaner. If you have a hard floor, consider getting a waxing and polish service for them.

Consider Professional Services

With a good checklist and solid reasoning on your side, you should be ready to dive right in and start cleaning! Before you do, we have one last consideration for you.

There are a number of excellent house cleaning services that can help you get that deep cleaning that a new home needs. Hiring out the work to someone else also gives you time to destress from the moving!

Making Your New House a Home

With a new home cleaning checked off the list, you will, at last, have a chance to unpack, relax, and enjoy your home

Once you have a fair grip and certainty of your new home, there are many ways to help it become an expression of yourself! Be sure to check out our other articles for more home project ideas!


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