These Are the Different Types of Garage Doors

different types of garage doors

The average garage door will open and close anywhere from 3-5 times every day. You’re going to want a reliable garage door, but you also want one that looks nice and fits the aesthetic of your home.

While there are six main types of garage doors, there are endless styles and designs that they come in. The bountiful options are nice, but it may be hard to decide what would be best for your home.

If you’re trying to choose between different garage door options, look no further. Read on for the comprehensive guide to the different types of garage doors.

The Different Types of Garage Doors

So what are the different types of garage doors? First, we’ll cover the six basic types: sectional garage doors, roll-up garage doors, slide to the side garage doors, side-hinged garage doors, up and over canopy garage doors, and up and over retractable garage doors.

Sectional garage doors are the most popular type of garage door in the United States. These doors are made up of small sections that can move parallel to the garage floor as they roll up the track.

Roll-up garage doors are kind of like sectional garage doors, but they have tiny slats instead of panels. Instead of rolling up a track, they roll up and around a big drum above the garage door opening.

Slide to the side garage doors are made with panels just like the sectional garage doors. Instead of rolling up, they roll to the side up against the wall of your garage.

Side-hinged garage doors resemble french doors. They open from the middle and swing outward to allow access.

Up and over canopy garage doors don’t have sections at all. Instead, the entire garage door tilts upward and pivots against the ceiling, and protrudes outside of your garage door opening.

Up and over retractable garage doors are just like the up and over canopy doors, but they retract further into the garage so the door doesn’t protrude.

Garage Door Styles

Now that we know all of the different types of garage doors, it’s time to talk about style. This is the part of the garage that will set your home apart from all the others.

Because there are so many ways to mix and match styles, we’ll go over the most common looks people tend to go for. These include contemporary, craftsman, and traditional styles, and they can all be implemented by your local garage door service company.

Contemporary style garage doors are the sleek, minimalist doors. They look the best on newer, modern-looking homes and condos.

Craftsman style garage doors look great on bungalow-style homes or beach houses. They give your home a timeless look that says you’re crafty and unique.

Traditional style garage doors are great on large homes and older homes. Usually made of wood, they don’t put too much emphasis on your garage and take away from the overall look of your house.

Hit the Door!

By now you should have a better understanding of all the different types of garage doors and the styles they can come in. All that’s left to do is make a decision and have your garage door turning heads!

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