Improve Your Chances Of Landing a Job With the Right Training

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Sometimes all it takes to land a job, or to put yourself in a position for a better job, is to receive some training to enhance your skills. Employers want to know that they don’t have to spend valuable time training their staff, so the more qualified for the role you are at the very outset will increase your chances of employment success exponentially.

When it comes to training, what are your options? And are there any specific employment training solutions available that are offered free of charge to the unemployed?

Search Online for Skills Training Relevant To Your Field

From middle management coaching to sales training, there are a wealth of courses offered on the internet. Some can be done entirely online while others you’ll need to attend a classroom situation or on-the-job training. The beauty of the internet though, is it saves you so much time in discovering what’s available to improve your skills.

Not all courses will be officially recognised or certified courses, but any training that increases your knowledge and skills will prove to be an invaluable asset to a future employer.

Udemy Offers a Smorgasbord Of Courses

Udemy is one of the most popular site there is for both course creators and those people wishing to learn new skills. You can learn everything from business management through to pet grooming. Literally, anything you could think of is covered by at least one Udemy course, and the majority of the training provided on the platform has been designed so you can learn from home in your own time, do at your own pace.

The website hosts a lot of sales on courses where you can pick up some real bargains, so it’s definitely a site worth visiting regularly if you’re looking for ways to improve your skills and knowledge.

Training Offered Through Jobactive Providers

All across Australia Jobactive organisations help everyday Australians find work, as well as jobs for disabled people. These companies work in conjunction with Centrelink and if you’re currently receiving JobSeeker payment, you’ll likely be eligible for a series of Skills Training Australia courses offered through Jobactive providers. These courses are completely free for the unemployed and could be just the boost you need to find a job and keep that job.

Job seekers training courses include things like:

  • English and Numeracy
  • Employability Skills
  • Industry Skills

As an example, you might undertake the Certificate III In Business course, or even a course designed to build your job confidence.

All of the courses are aimed at helping people get a job, whether it be skills training, learning English, or improving yourself personally to make you more employable.

Check Out the Courses Available At Your Local TAFE College

If you’re unsure if there’s a TAFE college near you, just search on the internet and you’re bound to discover one in the vicinity. These colleges are located conveniently right across Australia so that everyone has a chance of taking advantage of the training and learning on offer at TAFE.

You can peruse the available courses on their website, or drop into the college itself and speak with the knowledgeable staff about your training requirements and what you hope to achieve.

The good news with many TAFE courses is they can actually be done online from home, just like the Udemy courses. It’s super convenient and means there is no travel time and you can generally work at your own pace.

Work Experience

There really is no better training for a particular job than on-the-job training. Work experience will usually entail you offering your time and services for free in exchange for some free training.

Let’s say you want to learn some valuable commercial kitchen skills so you can chase a career in the hospitality industry. Spending time in a commercial kitchen environment, helping out with food preparation and other tasks will further enhance your skills so you can find employment in the industry. It’s experience that you can now include in your resume when going out and hunting for a job.

The work experience tactic can really apply to just about all industries. To find a gig, one of the easiest ways is to simply go ‘door-knocking’ and offer your services free of charge in exchange for valuable, hands-on training.


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