Is a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler the Solution

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A new fifth wheel toy hauler is the solution for a lot of RV’ers. You may be wondering why and how is it the solution. The answer may have to do with your experience and the type of RV you own today. This will have an impact on your next RV because of the situations you have run in to that you desire to have resolved.

So why do people with RV experience move up to the fifth wheel toy hauler? The answer is flexibility with the way it is used and the floor plans available just cannot be found in the simple tow haul versions of RV’s.

For those that are confused about which one is which, don’t be because most people are. The terms used to describe the different types of RVs can be confusing sometimes anyway. Let’s start with the bumper hitch type which can be called “bumper pull”, “travel trailer” and even “small campers”. The main reason is it kind of refers to the location of the hitch connection of the tow vehicle.


The fifth wheel trailer is different a number of ways. The hitch is located over the rear axle of the row vehicle via a goose neck. They somewhat resemble the tractor-trailer tow-haul configuration. The reason for this configuration is they can be much larger and heavier and it makes for a more secure and safer connection to the tow vehicle. The tow vehicle will always be some type of truck with the fifth wheel hitch over the rear axle which gives the truck the ability to tow much more weight in a safe and secure manor.

More living space for the length is another factor with a 30’ fifth wheel you get 30 feet of living space. In a 30’ travel trailer you lose 4 of 5 feet with the tongue that connects to the bumper hitch. When you rent the overnight spot in the RV Park you pay by the foot. The fifth wheel trailer that is 30 feet will have 30 foot of living space.

The fifth wheel toy hauler is designed with a drop-down ramp in the back that allows you to drive your toys up into the trailer and can be secured inside. Perfect for motorcycles and ATVs and other toys you would like to take with you on your vacations.

The Advantages of a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

  • More usable living space
  • More secure hauling heavier loads
  • You get to take all your toys with you

Moving up to the fifth wheel toy hauler removes most of the limits of the “tow haul trailer”. There are floor plans to fit your needs and style with the right entertainment packages to keep the whole family happy. It is no longer necessary to leave out the creature comforts that make life easier. You can take them all with you without the worry of too much weight problem.

By now you will agree that the fifth wheel toy hauler solves many of the problems brought on by the “tow haulers” in the scheme of things.


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