4 Tips for Passing a College Course You Hate

college course

At some point or another, almost every college student encounters at least one course that frustrates them deeply. Perhaps the subject matter is complex and confusing. Or the teacher doesn’t provide adequate support. Or the topics covered in class just aren’t interesting. 

Regardless, it’s still important for college students to understand how to get through tough classes successfully. After all, no one should see their academic future put in doubt because of one bad course. With that in mind, today we’ll share four key tips that you can use to survive a particularly challenging class: 

Speak With Your Professor

In almost every instance, college professors have their students’ best interests at heart. This means that even if you haven’t had the best relationship so far, your professor will still do their best to ensure you have everything you need to succeed. Schedule a time to speak with your professor outside of class hours and ask them what you can do to perform better in the classroom. Maybe your professor will let you examine a piece of complex equipment like a macro 5mL pipette tip in order to better understand a lab session. Or maybe they’ll share video resources that will allow you to appreciate modernist writing styles. In any case, remember that your professor is your ally –– not your enemy. 

Find a Relatable Angle

Lots of students have trouble passing courses that they feel don’t have real-world applications. Yet, the truth is that even the most “obscure” course can teach you a valuable lesson. You just may need to work a little harder to find it. If, for instance, you hate working with numbers –– but love baseball –– you can apply the skills you learned through math homework to calculate baseball statistics. Odds are, there’s a different way of looking at your class that will help you achieve more success.

Talk with Others

If you’re having trouble with a course, then don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Other students –– and even other faculty members –– may be able to provide you with extra support and new perspectives. Forming a study group could help you and your fellow classmates grasp complex problems more quickly. Plus, by dividing up the work, you can more efficiently learn new material. 

Drop It

Most of the time, a little extra effort will help you complete any course with flying colors. At the end of the day, though, if you truly hate a certain class, then consider dropping it for another. You have the autonomy to set your own schedule, so if you feel you need to make a change –– don’t hesitate to do so. Replacing a course you despise with one you enjoy is a no-brainer!


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