Signs Of Mental Health Issues To Look Out For


In modern times, we are much more aware of mental health issues and how they develop, as well as how they can ruin people’s lives. There is some telltale mental health warning signs that you can look out for if you are worried about a loved one or friend, and below you will find information on how to spot these. By giving the sufferer the support and care that they need as early as possible, you can increase the chances of making a full recovery in as short a period as possible.



A good sign that someone may be experiencing mental health problems is when the person is always feeling anxious or worried. Everyone experiences stress at points in their lives, but anxiety is often confused with this feeling. Some warning signs of anxiety are heart palpitations, diarrhea, restlessness, headaches, or shortness of breath. You can get help dealing with stress and your worries by attending one of the trusted PTSD residential treatment centers in Thailand, which also offers assistance for a myriad of other mental health conditions.

Sleeping Problems

When someone is having trouble sleeping and not getting quality rest, this can also be a sign of an underlying mental health problem. When someone is continuously tired, the stress levels they feel can increase drastically, which can also lead to emotional outbursts. If you notice massive mood swings and other signs of distress or anger, you may wish to encourage the person to seek medical help and talk to their doctor.

Becoming Withdrawn

Another warning sign that there is an underlying mental health issue with someone that you love is when they become withdrawn and quiet. People often feel alone and isolated when experiencing mental health problems and can also think that nobody understands what they are going through. It is vital to try and get them to open up to you and encourage them to seek professional help to deal with the issues.

Substance Abuse

You can also find that substance abuse and addiction can start the onset of mental problems. People will often use substances such as alcohol or drugs to help them cope with the situation that they are in, but this can be a slippery slope and lead to complications and further problems to worry about, compounding the issue.Substance Abuse

Changes In Personality & Behaviour

If you notice drastic changes in the personality or behaviour of a person, then this can mean that there is something else going on, which is affecting their mental health. If you have noticed something similar in a person that you love and you are not sure as to why, then you may need to do an intervention to get them the assistance that they need and start back on the road to recovery.

These are a few of the things that you need to look out for if you are worried about the mental health of a friend or family member, and if you see any of these signs, you may need to intervene. Ask them to talk to you and open up to you, and also encourage them to seek professional help which will assist them in dealing with their demons, and help them get well.


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