How to Choose a Good Body Corporate Manager

Body Corporate Manager

Are you part of a strata body corporate in Melbourne? If so, you know how demanding ownership of a lot can be. When your strata community doesn’t have strata building management, the stress and responsibilities required of you by fellow owners can be overwhelming.

If you’re looking to simplify your life and improve your community management, keep reading to discover what to aim for when choosing a body corporate manager.

What Makes a Good Body Corporate Manager?

·        Readily Available

Your strata management service exists to make your body corporate’s life easier. So, it’s important that the manager you use is as committed to you as you are relying on them. The right body corporate service will respond quickly and effectively, reach out when necessary, and take the initiative to get necessary work completed within a reasonable timeframe.

·        Comprehensive Service Coverage

From organizing meetings to handling levies and planning construction, there are a lot of managerial tasks required to maintain a strata property. Ideally, your strata building management can handle every necessary process under the same roof. Coordinating between multiple management services would be nearly impossible, so only consider comprehensive services that can simplify your life as an owner committee member.

·        Transparency in Service

When trusting someone with managing your finances, transparency and trust are important. Your strata manager will manage levy payments, maintain a trust account, and organize any financial statements that are required for taxes. If this duty isn’t carried out with integrity, it can cause major problems later on.

·        Simplifies Paying Levies

Levies are one of the most important parts of maintaining a successful strata community. Without having the funds available to perform maintenance, the property will suffer. It can also be hard to get people to pay (or follow up about payments with other owners), so offering payment methods to simplify paying a levy can help avoid delays.

·        Manages and Provides Access to Documentation

Access to legal documentation, contracts, insurance information, financial documents, and more are important to maintain. If you need this information, you shouldn’t have to wait. Therefore, an online portal or readily available internet-connected resource that allows for owners to get the information they need is a major benefit of strata management services.

·        Organizes Meetings and Communicates Effectively

Being part of a body corporation requires a lot of communication between owners to coordinate construction and repairs, or settle disputes within the community. It is not always easy to get everyone on the same page with each other as an individual organizer. But as a third party, conflict resolution and organizing meetings when needed are essential duties of strata managers.

·        Access to Contractor Directory

It’s not always easy to find the right contractor for maintenance, repairs, and construction in your strata. However, experienced strata services often have relationships with contacts that are vetted. These contractors can be relied on to provide high-quality and affordably priced work – even after hours in case of an emergency – which can be incredibly convenient when you need it most.

Simplify Ownership Today

Body corporate management provides a variety of benefits that can save you time, money, and stress over the long run. When you choose a quality managerial service for your strata, you’ll be able to better enjoy lot ownership in Australia.



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