Need a Waterproofing Contractor – 5 Tips for Selecting a Top Waterproofer

Waterproofing Contractor

One of the worst things that can happen to a house is a flooded basement. Items can be damaged, structures weakened and a host of other long-term problems. While there are a ton of guides out there on how to waterproof the basement DIY-style, it is usually just safer to go with a professional. The question is: how do you choose from the multiple options of contractors to make sure you get the best? 

The first tip when it comes to hiring the best waterproofing contractors is to look at their credentials. How long have they been in business? Usually the longer they have been around, the better they are. After all, the longer they have been around, the more experience they have, meaning they’ll know exactly how to deal with any waterproofing problems that occur. That shows that people trust and are satisfied in their services, which leads to the second tip: Reviews.

Nowadays just about every company has some sort of website that has reviews about them. Even those without their own websites (which is quite a rarity) usually pop up on other websites that rate companies. Of course, it should be noted that customer reviews can usually fall into the two extremes of being fantastic or terrible. Take both with a pinch of salt and decide which ones you think sound more realistic and fit more into the general pattern of reviews. 

The third tip is to look at the warranty the company offers. Every company that is serious about the quality of what they are selling should offer a warranty along with their product or service. You don’t want to make the serious investment of getting a waterproof contractor without getting insurance that it will hold up over time. Make sure to thoroughly investigate the warranty so you do not get ripped off in the long run. 

The fourth tip is to ask questions. You are the one who is hiring, so you’re entitled to ask the contractor as many questions as it takes to set your mind at ease, such as what sort of materials they use in their waterproofing, if they can repair the foundation of your home once they’re done (when it comes to basement waterproofing). If you have water damage, find out if they’re able to repair that too. The answers to these questions can make the difference as to whether you wish to hire them or not.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, consider the price. Research exactly what it is you need done, so that you don’t get less than you bargained for. Once you’ve found a potential contractor, remember to read thoroughly through contracts and fine print so that you’ll know exactly what is and what is not included in the services they provide. Waterproofing can be an expensive ordeal, so proper research is essential.

Remember that, as with all goods and services, you get what you pay for, so be mindful when something sounds too good to be true.


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