Masturbation and Why Lovense Max Is The Best Male Masturbator

Lovense Max

Some people may not want to admit this, but masturbation is a rather common activity between both men and women. Of course, there’s the traditional technique that has been practiced by males for ages now, but women have been more open-minded about masturbation, and they have acknowledged that using sex toys is quite a drastic change when it comes to having some quality time by themselves.

Of course, the fact that females have a harder time when reaching climax due to their complex physiology as well as how their mind and body sexually works plays a huge factor when deciding whether they want to use a sex toy or not. Men, on the other hand, have it a little easier.

Masturbation and Porn

Let’s put an example: men usually are okay with simple movements and the use of porn, and pornography plays a huge role in how males masturbate. This is not a golden rule and an absolute necessity, though, since there are men who are capable of reaching climax by themselves.

With that said, the way men enjoy pornography is more constant and simple. For example, an average man would watch pornography at least twice a week, and 1 out of 6 married men watch porn, which tends to cause conflicts because of how women see pornography.

Believe it or not, 60% of women in relationships are no used to consuming porn, and some of them have never consumed it, whereas only 25% of men in relationships do not engage in its consumption, as mentioned in this article. 


To be honest, I do understand why women do not consume as much pornography as men, and that is because most of the porn out there is exclusively produced for the male audience. This is, of course, sad, considering how big is the gap between what men and women looking for.

Women are more drawn to being mentally and slowly aroused. They like to enjoy the moment and feel things, whereas most men are more about going in and out. This, of course, makes it harder for them to enjoy porn as well as we do, which makes it a not so good option to masturbate to.

That is why you can find more females using sex toys, and even more models and brands of sex toys for women than there are for men because, in the market, they need then more and they are more willing to get their hands on them.

But wouldn’t men also benefit from using a sex toy? 

Why Men Should Consider Using Sex Toys

 Of course, most of us would be ok with our hands and internet connection. As mentioned earlier, most of us get aroused pretty easily with pornography, which can be more than enough to get to the climax, but there are several advantages to using sex to dedicated to men.

To be honest, I would say that most men should stop being ashamed of the idea of sex toys. Sex toys for men are a great way to start into the world of a better sexual life, and they may open your mind to more alternatives not only for yourself but also for your partner, which both can enjoy during sexual intercourse.

 Men Should Consider Using Sex Toys

It makes things more interesting and turns you into someone that would be more open to the idea of trying new things, which may save your sexual life if things are not so great.

Although some people would believe that using a sex toy as a man is all about finding more pleasure in the act of masturbating, I would say that the greatest benefit of it is surpassing that cultural stigma that men, sex toys and sex shouldn’t be mixed.

The very definition of masculinity can be risked for most straight men out there when we talk about sex toy produced for them, so taking this step might be a great way to adventure yourself to learn new things, and have a different mindset when it comes to sex and pleasuring your partner.

Some people believe that using toys during this masturbation as well as sexual intercourse may be interpreted as not being able of pleasuring your partner by yourself, when in fact, it is a more mature way of approaching the facts and learning not only about your body, but your partner’s body as well.

As we mentioned earlier, females are way more complex when it comes to sexual intercourse, and being willing to learn and understand them to a whole new level should be a priority for any men who want to improve their sexual lives. 

Even between partners from the same sex, this is an idea that should be even more considered, considering that they share the same physiology, thus, learning about your body would definitely help to learn more about your partner’s. 

Lovense Max 

Now, there are many options to pick from in the market, but considering how many there are in comparison to women’s toys, you should stick to those models and brands that mean something. A good example would be Lovense Max. 

The features that this specific device is great for those wanting to experience something new. It counts with several features, and some even compare it to being masturbated by someone else, both by hand and by mouth. There’s a lot more information about it over here, like its price, its pros and its cons.

It’s a rather nice starting point for those wanting to get into the world of sex toys, and you will find even more interesting options to use with your partner once you have gotten yourself comfortable with the idea of using sex toys to enjoy your sexual life, both alone and in the company of someone else.

 For homosexual men, it’s probably the best option to adventure in the world of sex toys, since there’s probably there’s no better option for males out there.  Considering how safe and easy to use it is, you should stick to it if you are a beginner.


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