Will Future Smart Homes Be Able to Predict Our Wants and Desires?

home of the future

It’s no secret; technology has changed our lives.

In particular, the smartphone has reinvented how we consume technology. We have applications on our phones that allow us to order, command, and see whatever we want. This technology has also merged into our homes.

With popular products like Philip’s Hue Lights, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Homepod, we can fine-tune our home to however we want. Want to have a party? Your smart lights can be programmed to flash different colors. Need a new playlist? Have Alexa curate one for you.

With these changes come new advancements. Technology can only progress further. As homes become smarter, and this technology becomes an integral part of our daily life, what will the home of the future look like?

The Rise in Artificial Intelligence

No technology-related discourse can be complete without citing artificial intelligence. AI has shaped our current technological climate by continually learning and adapting to its users. Apple’s virtual assistant Siri debuted in 2011, which led to a massive jump in artificial intelligence.

With the introduction of Siri came the concept of having reminders set, lists made, and alarms ready to go. It took the manual guesswork of having to do everything yourself. Your virtual assistant was there to heed to the task.

The virtual assistant made a move to the home. Siri offers integration with Philip’s hue lights, which allow the user to speak to their device and change their lighting. Additionally, with the rise of the Amazon Alexa, the idea of a smart speaker was introduced.

Smart speakers are a huge market, as they integrate into the home quickly. They aren’t only exclusive to music, as you can make purchases and use the smart speaker for other productivity tasks. Another intriguing factor with artificial intelligence is the way it can learn about its users.

For example, Alexa can learn your preferences by what you search, including recipes, music, and even advertise to you based on what you frequent. As artificial intelligence gets smarter, so will our homes.

The future of artificial intelligence includes refinement. As more developers refine what we already have, your virtual assistant can quickly become the epicenter of your household productivity.

As artificial intelligence learns about you and your home, it can do things without even being prompted by your voice. Have you ordered take out the last three days? Well, artificial intelligence can give you new restaurant recommendations based on what you have already eaten.

A Safe Home of the Future

A home automation system plays a massive role in the future of safety. With the rise of smart locks being a popular option versus traditional deadbolts, there is a trend moving towards intelligent safety in the home. Home automation can be completed seamlessly and allows for more protection.

Smart locks are seamless, as they allow for keyless entry and password or fingerprint authentication. This makes the safety of your home a little more personalized, as only certain people can crack that smart lock. Even new homes are being built with this in mind, and are opting for smart locks.

Additionally, home monitoring security has altered how we protect our homes. Gone are the days of house sitters, now you can virtually see your home with a system that gives you a notification if someone is at your door or in your home.

Companies like Ring Doorbell have implemented this, as they offer a camera on your doorstep. A virtual peephole that you can access from anywhere. With this shift toward technological security will be a refinement.

The home of the future could have motion detection in the house, where there can analyze movement that could be foreign to the house. Additionally, it can analyze patterns and possibly recognize a random entrance that is outside the usual routine.

The smart home will be smart enough to keep its owners safe by implementing advanced artificial intelligence solutions.

The Rise of the Robots

Yes, robots.

Robots may seem like an outlandish science fiction concept, but they are very much a part of our current home life. The iRobot Roomba completely changed how we vacuum our homes. That little robot can vacuum a whole living room while you don’t have to do anything.

The likelihood of more sophisticated robots in the home of the future is apparent. This can be through the development of robotic pets for children, a robot for house monitoring, or even a robot to help you cook.

With these implementations, your home can be fine-tuned even more to your personal needs. You can have a helping and through all tasks, and your machines can know what you want before you do.

This allows for a better environment for your home. As your home is the place where you rest, it can be a calming possibility to have all your needs met without you ever having to do anything. Though these possibilities sound extreme, most of them are in development by individuals who want them to become a reality.

The Future is Now

With rapid progression in technology, the home of the future is closer than we may think. We already live in a plugged-in world, where we have virtual assistants who check the weather and send a text.

Technology is becoming more personable. It connects more with the user. Instead of being generic, it truly adapts to patterns and changes. Your home will become curated based on your wants and needs, all with the push of a button or voice activation.


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