How long does it take for CBD oil to work

CBD oil to work

By now, we all know how CBD Oil is one of the best and natural chemical compounds that we can take to get relief from various physical and mental ailments. Though it is extracted from the same Cannabis sativa plant from where THC is extracted, CBD doesn’t give you a high because it doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties in it. 

If you are wondering how long does it take for CBD oil to work, here is an important point that you have to remember. There is no fixed time for CBD to take effect. It depends on the form of CBD you consume, why you consume it for and various other factors that were going to see in this article here:

Main factors that affect the effectiveness of CBD

How long does CBD remain in your body? How long should you wait until you see the positive impacts of CBD? Here are some factors on which the answers to these questions depend upon.

Dosage of CBD – Many people stop using CBD completely when they don’t see any positive changes. Never do this because your dosage could have been the reason why you are not feeling any impact of the compound. If you are taking a very small dosage of CBD, it is quite possible that you don’t see any changes. So, it is time for you to increase your dosage by a few mg to notice the changes.

Form of CBD – What form of CBD are you consuming? If you are taking CBD in a concentrated form, you will see results quicker than when you take CBD in a diluted form. The concentrated CBD products have very high potency levels that can act on your problem rapidly to give you immense relief.

Your personal health conditions – If you are already suffering from any medical condition or if you are overweight or if you are 60 and above, you will notice that it would take a long time for CBD oil to act on your body. However, a young and healthy person might see results quickly.

Your method of consumption

This is an important factor that will determine how quickly CBD acts on your particular ailment. Currently, you can consume CBD in the following 4 types:

Oral consumption – CBD edibles come in many forms such as pills, gummies, candies, biscuits, chocolates and more. In this form, it takes about 90 minutes for CBD to start its work on your body.

Topical application – Today, CBD-infused creams, balms and lotions are found in plenty in the market. These can be topically applied on your skin to get rid of problems such as rashes, swelling, itching and more. In this form, CBD oil is immediately absorbed by the skin and it starts showing its effect almost instantly.

Inhaling or through vape – Many people resort to vaping or smoking CBD-infused powders, flowers and other products. The aroma and effect of the CBD enter into your bloodstream directly in this method. Therefore, you will start seeing results instantly here as well.

Tinctures – Here a CBD-infused tincture is placed under your tongue for a few minutes. It takes anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes for CBD oil to work in this form.


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