5 Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding


Spring is symbolic for growth and new beginnings, hence the reason why it is the most popular season for weddings. If you are keen to embrace it for your own special day, here are some tips to help inspire you throughout the planning process. 

Prepare for the Weather 

If you’re lucky, you can look forward to a temperate, sunny day on which to say, ‘I do’. However, several U.S states experience a significant amount of rainfall during this time of year. As such, it is important to be prepared for the worst. Ensure that your chosen wedding venue has both an indoor and an outdoor space so that you can move your ceremony set-up inside if the rain makes an unwelcome appearance. 

Make the Most of Nature 

There is nothing more beautiful than a springtime garden wedding. From the buzzing bees to the soft, welcoming breeze and the colorful, blossoming flowers, it promises the perfect background for some truly stunning photographs. 

You can further embrace the beauty of nature for your spring wedding by considering a butterfly release wedding ceremony. This is when you and your guests release gorgeous fluttering butterflies into the sky shortly after saying your vows. It’s a wonderful way to make the moment extra special, all the while creating an experience that is more interactive for your guests. 

Pay Attention to the Menu 

You might want to steer clear of a three-course meal or hot one-pot servings if you plan to have your wedding in the springtime. A hearty, help-yourself cold spread of finger foods is sure to go down much better. If that’s not really your style, you can also think about going the route of serving up plenty of colorful bowls of salad. Think green salads, fruit salads, etc., all artfully finished off with pretty, edible flowers. 

From a drink’s perspective, you can get creative with light, refreshing cocktails. Watermelon concoctions are sure to be a firm favorite, and you cannot go wrong with white wine sangria topped off with freshly picked lemons. 

Select Your Wedding Colors 

You will probably be aware that traditional spring colors tend to be water-color pastels. However, if you’re someone who prefers the look of more vibrant hues, don’t let traditions hold you back from experimenting. Bright reds, yellows, and oranges combined with white are also stunning options to think about. 

The Attire 

The warmer weather that comes with springtime means that you will have plenty of different dresses to consider. That goes for both your wedding dress itself and your bridesmaid dresses. Some brides decide to embrace cute cocktail wedding dresses or tea-style designs. Having said that, you will still be able to pull off a floor-length gown if that’s your preferred silhouette. As far as the guests are concerned, most springtime weddings work well with a more casual, ‘boho’ dress code. 

Enjoy every moment of planning your special day and don’t be afraid to seek out the help of a wedding planner if you’re running low on ideas or inspiration. 


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