Creative Projects with Epoxy Resin and Wood

Projects with Epoxy Resin

Summer is here, and well, that is not all about it. These are testing times, and the humankind has found itself in extraordinary circumstances. We have time to kill, and a lot of it. While some of us are busy reading all the books that we could not read while tending to our hectic schedules, some are learning new skills. Now is the best time to get creative and push ourselves and test our limits. This is not a productivity competition, and it is okay if you feel like doing nothing but wait until this is all over. But, for the ones who are looking for ways to come up with new and exciting DIY projects, this article could help you a bit in that direction. With this article, we shall be covering the ways you can use epoxy resin and wood to make something amazing in your house, and also look into what epoxy resin is and how they come to your service.

What Is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is any creative craftsman’s dream raw material. The possibilities of carving things with the combination of epoxy resin and wood are endless. You could make something extraordinarily magnificent with this explosive combination. However, if you were looking for a more technical approach to the understanding of epoxy resin, here is what you need to know. Epoxy resin, also known as thermosetting polymers, are basically used as coating materials that help in making a surface resistant to scratches, water and several types of chemicals. When tended to the project with the utmost attention and details, the result could be a long-lasting one. The secret to getting the best out of this combination is understanding the surface, the type of epoxy resin used and the temperature under which the project is being handled. With these factors put right in place, it shall be incredibly easy to obtain your desired results. We shall now move on to the next segment of the article that shall discuss some creative projects with epoxy resin and wood that you could take up this summer.

Sealing Wood:

As long as you have a house with wooden furniture in it, you will always need the help of good old epoxy resin. The best thing you could do with this resin is seal off the surfaces of some of your wooden pieces of furniture and give it a beautiful look. You could use the resin to seal kitchen table tops, make aesthetic coverings for the kitchen area or even make furniture pieces completely out of epoxy resin too. The last idea might be a bit gruelling if you do not have prior experience with the same. But if you could look into a Resin and wood guide and manage to pull this off, there is nothing really like it.

Restoring Stained Surfaces:

It always hurts when you find a dent or a few scratches on your beloved furniture. The idea of getting a new one is not a viable one, and looking at the dent and taking a guilt trip to how you should have been more careful, does not really do good to your conscience. Therefore, the best idea would be to use epoxy resin in restoring stained surfaces. And if the surface that you are looking at is a wooden one, there is just so much that you can do with epoxy resin. Here are a few tips for you to get started-

  • Clean the surface gently with a soft piece of cloth to remove dust and pollen.
  • Cover any other holes and cracks with a generous amount of adhesive before applying the resin.
  • Choose a nice coloured epoxy resin to coat the surface and allow it to dry under suitable temperatures.

Creative Mould Casting:

One final project that we shall be drawing your attention to is mould casting. You can get your hands on wooden blocks and use different coloured epoxy resins to draw patterns on them. These are highly attractive and colourful, and can be used in your kitchen as knife handles or as paperweights on your work desk. The castings shall draw your attention, and anyone else’s who visits your house. These castings are durable and shall stand the test of time.

Creative Mould Casting


There are various ideas that you shall come across while researching on the ways to use epoxy resin with wood. These projects can help you keep busy and take your mind off the grim reality that the entire planet has found itself in. Therefore, why not use one or all the ideas from the list, add a dash of your own creative impulses and get to work? There is nothing better to ward of intrusive thoughts than indulging in some creative endeavours.


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