10 Reasons to Start Your Career as a Medical Biller or Coder

Career as a Medical Biller

So, your dream is to work in the healthcare industry, but you are still determining whether you want to be in the top part of clinical care. But you would love a job in the healthcare industry that challenges your problem-solving skills if you want a fast-paced role where you can work from your comfort zone. Then considering a medical coding or billing specialist might be the right career move for you!

As our population continues to grow, the healthcare industry should grow with the population to meet rising demands, so does the number of medical coding and billing specialists employed in the field. Medical coding and billing are how those in the healthcare field keep track of their big data and other paperwork involved with hospitals’ medical procedures and keep information flowing efficiently between insurance companies and medical service providers.

Here are some of the great reasons to consider enrolling in a medical coding and billing specialist program to get started your career as a medical biller on the path to employment.

  1. High in Demand

Medical coding and billing are very high in demand these days. They will be in high demand as the rapid growth in the number of tests and other medical procedures that will be increasingly analyzed by health insurance companies, courts, regulators, and consumers. Medical offices and insurance companies have a high rate of insurance claims denials due to erroneous patient information or coding errors. These factors, along with continuously changing regulations for both government and commercial payers, have generated the need for a medical coder or biller in the healthcare industry.

  1. Evergreen Healthcare Industry

As per the statistics of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8 of the top 20 fastest growing career professions are in the healthcare industry! By the end of 2020, the healthcare industry will have more than 15 million job vacancies. What does this mean if you wanted to be a medical coder or biller? Well, it means as a medical coder in the industry, you will enjoy the perks of job security and stability. Most likely, you will not be downsized, and as the country’s population grows, this career path will be in high demand for medical professionals across the board.

  1. Not Required to Have a Specialized Degree in Healthcare

Medical coding and billing is a profession that does not require a specialized degree in a clinical or healthcare background. This is a profession where you can start from where you are at this very moment. Detailed knowledge of physiology and anatomy, along with terminology, is the fundamental stepping stone for becoming a professional medical coder or biller. These topics will always be included in the medical coding courses; thus, it is effortless to follow. Medical coding and billing come down to knowing how to navigate the main three code sets: ICD, CPT, and HCPCS. These three code sets help you understand and document the condition of a patient and document the data and medical procedures performed on that patient in response to their health.

  1. Focus on The Business Side of Medicine 

Unlike a Ph.D. and MD degree, medical coding does not require any clinical knowledge of medicine. No residency or rotation is needed. This means you do not have to deal with sick patients or worry about their treatment programs. You can sit back in the comforts of your office or home and earn decent money without being involved with any clinical knowledge of the healthcare industry.

  1. Work From Home

A career in medical coding provides a convenient and flexible way to make a stable income – one where you can have a highly rewarding job, while still being there for your loved ones. This profession allows you to enjoy all the liberty of working from home or anywhere. There are many medical coding and billing companies that offer remote job opportunities. If you don’t have proper experience in this field, as a fresher, you may need to work on the on-site techniques of your project to gain some work experience. But once you gain enough experience in the field, it will become very easy to work from your comfort. Work from offer comes with added benefits of flexible working hours, reduced travel expenses, and much more. You can enjoy and take advantage of all the perks of any remote job opportunities that exist nationwide.

  1. Multiple Choices of Working Environment

To gain proper work experience in this field, the Doctor’s office might be your best option to begin your medical coding career. There will be other opportunities to start your career; they are not limited to clinic settings or a doctor’s office. Medical coders are needed in areas such as outpatient surgery centers, hospitals, nursing homes, home health care services, health care payers, healthcare management companies, educational institutes, and other healthcare facilities. With proper networking and good experience, you can even choose to open your own business and be a self-employed medical coder sooner.

  1. Expanded Jobs Opportunities

This is your opportunity to grow in a career that is both family-friendly and offers more flexibility. Once you have enough experience in medical coding and billing, you can further expand your career in different areas related to codings like compliance, teaching, and medical auditing. The future possibilities of medical coding are unlimited, and the sky’s the limit once you are determined.

  1. Very Decent Salary

Medical coders or billers usually work around 40 hours per week, but there are part-time and variable positions available. Thus making it possible to balance family and work needs with a rewarding career. According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Medical Coders (AAPC), an average medical coder earns from $18-$30 an hour based on their experience. In most cases, medical coders get an opportunity to work more than 40 hours per week (freelancing option) and earn additional income.

  1. Resources and Certification 

Ensuring you get medical coding and billing certification is highly recommended to get more reliable, better opportunities. AAPC and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) provide certification exams for CCS-A, CCS, and CPS. Once you get certified, with experience and knowledge, they multiply their chances of getting hired. Certified professionals are very high in demand, and there are plenty of remote and onsite job opportunities available in the job market.

  1. Easy to Obtain Education

Once you are so sure about to begin your career with medical coding and billing, you will find out there are several onsite and online courses available to start with. An online course will help you to get certified on medical coding while you are continuing your current job. You can find classes that are less expensive and provide help to find a career in the field as soon as you complete the program.


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