How much does it cost to Repile a house NZ?

house repiling

If you want to reinforce what piles are then these are basically the wooden posts present under any house forming the foundations of New Zealand houses. These posts are often constructed of concrete as well. The piles are responsible for distributing the weight of your house evenly across the mud beneath. This even distribution is done so that houses remain straight and stand on the square foundations.These piles can rot with the passage of time. If they will rot then they will fail in the mechanism of evenly distributing the weight of the house. If your house is more than 100 years old then there is a probability of this rot.

History of house repiling

Many people question whether there is a way to know whether houses were repiled to or not. You can know this if the construction of the house happened in the time period when totare piles were used. After the proper examination, this task is fairly easy to spot.

There are certain things that you need to be sure about like checking the full replacement of the piles. Many times, you will be in the position where only the piles around edges seem new. To avoid such cases, be good at inspection.

Why go for house repiling?

If you are questioning the need for house repiling then it is important to note that there are different variations with which the poles move. This variation is not appreciated because it causes the house to twist, crack, and even bow. The movement can cause great damage. This damage can be controlled by resorting to the option of repiling. The ideal option here is that you start from the foundations. If you are going for renovations then the wise approach would be to target the foundations and make it firm. If you will be ignoring the foundation then it will give you unsatisfactory results.

House repiling process

Let’s dig into the process of house repiling. The process which is involved varies because there are several different methods. If you are wondering what such variations are, then some will prefer to lift the entire house while others will cut the holes in the floor for access. This choice depends on the tools which a replier possesses and the accessibility needs.


There are some house Repiling requirements that you need to possess like a building permit. This is encouraged that you maximize your advantage and reduce the overall cost by adding several permissions into one. If you will be later going for renovation and other addictions then it is wise to save your energy and money by acquiring a single repiling permit.

The cost to repile the house

Let’s talk about the cost of repiling. The cost will vary depending on several factors but a typical range is somewhere from $12 000 to $15 000. This cost depends largely on the size of your house and the repiler you hire.


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