Top Exercises For Women Who Want To Tone Up

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Many women are concerned about building too much muscle when all they want to do is tone up. There are plenty of exercises that work, but it can be difficult to know how much weight to use for this end-goal.

Often, women have two main goals:

  • To get toned up, sculpted, and lean
  • To avoid growing large muscles and bulk

For these reasons, it’s important to have a toning workout routine that involves exercises that will help achieve these two goals. So what exercises can help you tone up and achieve these main goals?

As mentioned above, toning up is no easy task. It’s even more difficult to tone up without building a lot of muscle. However, with the exercises I am going to share below, you can achieve the best results. But…only if you challenge your body with new exercises regularly.

Undeniably, squats, pushups, and lunges are incredible when it comes to tone up. However, you need to vary these exercises regularly. Note that these exercises will work on every part of your body and will also help you if you want to get your butt in shape. This is a problem area on which many women want to focus a lot of attention. With that in mind, let’s get started.

1. Mountain Climbers

You can practice mountain climbers in two ways: On a Swiss ball or without the ball. When practicing mountain climbers without a Swiss ball, you get into a high-plank angle placing your wrists directly under your shoulders. While in that position, make sure your core is tight while the belly button is drawn in the direction of your spine. Now, move your right and left knees toward your chest and back alternating them several times.

This exercise works your core as well as other muscles throughout your body. It’s also great for firming up your glutes. Practicing this exercise is simple and is effective when it comes to tightening your belly. You don’t have to move a muscle.

Now on practicing this exercise with a Swiss ball, you do the same as without the ball but your hands are supported by a Swiss ball instead of the floor. Keep your body straight from your head to your ankles so that your spine is straight. Draw your right and left knee toward your chest and back as you have done while practicing mountain climbers without a Swiss ball making sure your core is tight for 30 seconds.

2. Turkish Get-Up

This exercise was perhaps introduced 200 years ago and is effective when it comes to blasting stubborn belly fat. You can’t necessarily spot-train in order to reduce fat in one area of your body. But, by firming up the muscles in your stomach, it’ll appear tighter, especially if you are able to reduce body-fat overall. Keep in mind, it’s complicated and involves using a kettlebell.

To do a Turkish get-up exercise, you hold a kettlebell by its handle with your two hands then lie on one side. While in a fetal position, move onto your back pressing the kettlebell in the direction of the ceiling with two hands making sure your weight is firm on one side.

Place your free arm and leg in a 45-degree angle making sure your palm is facing down then slide the heel of the hands holding the kettlebell toward your butt so you can hold the floor rightly.

Check this video

During the exercise, make sure your chest is fully stretched.

3. Hip Raise

Hip raise works on your rear end muscles hence flattening your belly. Ideally, weak glutes make the top of the pelvis tilt head-first. This way, your tummy sticks out. Hip raises can help with this.

First, lay flat on your back on the floor then bend your knees and your feet flat on the floor.

Next, while bracing your core, cuddle your glutes and raise your hips making sure your body is straight from the shoulders to the knees.

Last, while in that position, pause for around 5 seconds while enfolding your glutes then start again from step one above.

Check this video.

4. Swiss Ball L Raise

If you are looking to improve your posture, and sculpt the back of your shoulders, then the Swiss ball L raise is the exercise worth practicing. Do these, and you’ll look and feel incredible the next time you wear a backless dress. This exercise works your upper back targeting key muscles that get your amazing shape back.

To do this exercise, you place a Swiss ball on your tummy then lie facedown making sure your back is flat. While in that position, hang your arms straight down directly from your shoulders while your palms are facing behind you.

As your elbows are wideout, raise your upper arms higher bending your elbows and enfolding your shoulder blades together. Do this while keeping your upper arms vertical to your torso but don’t change your elbow position then rotate your forearms up and back. Stop for a few seconds then repeat the movement in a reverse direction.

Watch this video.

Generally, albeit being challenging, toning up is something achievable, but only when you know the type of exercises to do. I hope these few will help you tone up and get back your body to the shape you want.


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