Getting Ready For Your Friend’s Birthday Party: Cool Makeup Tips

Cool Makeup Tips

Do you have to attend a fancy party anytime soon? Are all the A-list celebrities on the invitee list? Are you also helping to organize the event?

We understand you must be feeling overwhelmed. Not because it’s your best friend’s birthday bash, but because you have a lot on your plate. 

From contacting the local DJs to making the party a hit, you must make sure your birthday pal has the best time they deserve. And while we are sure you will manage all that.

In this article, we are going to share some amazing and cool makeup tips to make this party a little flashy and fancy. Read on to know how you can use incorporate gold leaf flakes in your makeup.

Tips On Gold Leaf Makeup

Gold leaf makeup is the safest and trendiest kind nowadays. It can be used on your nail, hair, eyelids, cheeks, and more. However, it is delicate and expensive. 

A touch-up of gold leaf provides the perfect glamour for those special evenings. It makes you look elegant and not too jazzy if you know how to use it right. 

Once you learn how to handle the fragile gold leaf, follow these simple instructions to make your party nights more happening.

Begin With Your Eyes

Apply the gold flakes on your smoky eye, and be the shine of the party. 

Use the gold foil and break into tiny pieces carefully. Ensure that the flakes are of distinct shapes and sizes. Make use of scissors to create perfect pieces. 

Gold leaf does stay on the skin, but adding a dash of eyelash glue won’t do any harm. Jojoba oil or coconut oil is the other alternative if you don’t prefer the glue. 

Nude lipstick and mascara are a must to complement the gold leaf.

It’s Time For Some Nail Art

To create nail art, apply the gold foil on your nails. Make use of tweezers to fix the foil pieces in any shape or design of your choice. 

Use small flakes on the nail, triangles on the nail tip, or gold foil on the whole nail. Once you place the gold foil on the wet nail paint, choose a fun shade or a clear basecoat to top it up. File off all additional gold leaf using a filer.

Gold Leaf Lips Don’t Lie

This is a brilliant idea, especially if you want to create a lasting impact on the crowd. Gold leaf lips are very fashionable and can make your face look more attractive. But when using gold leaf, make sure to choose the edible one as it’s safe even if you accidentally ingest it. 

To give it a perfect look, break the gold leaf into pieces and use vaseline or lip gloss so that it sticks to your lips. 

Once you have this on, you will look as wild and stunning as Rihanna.

Say Goodbye To Bad Hair Days

Regardless of the hair type, gold leaf flakes look incredible on it. 

Just do your hair however you want it, take some gold foil flecks and sprinkle it on your hair. Ensure that the flecks are of the same size. It is best to focus the gold leaf in one specific area rather than spreading it all over. If you want, you can also use the gold foil on your braid or updo. 

Do not forget to use a hairspray to set the look.

Final Words

Unless you are headed to a low-key sweater bash,  getting ready for your best friend’s birthday party can leave you in a quandary. That’s why we discussed the top gold leaf makeup tips to rock a stylish party.

Make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear, and don’t be afraid to experiment with gold leaf flakes. Also, to make this party the talk of the town, hire the services of one of the best entertainment companies in DC.


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