4 Household Chores that Cause the Most Arguments

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Have you ever set out to get the home cleaned but ended up arguing with your family members, friends or housemates? We all have different priorities and opinions when it comes to cleaning and getting chores done, and this regularly causes disagreements. There are many reasons why people fight over cleaning but here are some of the most common and some solutions on how to avoid them.

There are multiple issues that arise during cleaning that cause friction between those in a shared household. The main arguments are all concerned with the “when,” the “how,” and the “who” of completing chores. We have listed the most common problems that occur in these situations along with some tips on how you can resolve and avoid them.

  1. What is the Right Way to Clean?

According to a survey, 46% of the people argue about what is the right way to clean and complete certain tasks around the house. For some, just basic cleanliness is not enough and they expect others to have similar standards.

For example, your housemate might think that the house should be cleaned everyday, but you may believe that once a week is enough to keep a neat and tidy house. You need to make sure that you come up with an agreement on how much cleaning you would each be doing and how often. If you don’t compromise and make this clear, you will be consistently arguing this topic. 

A simple trick would be to split the work based on what each individual likes to do. Certain people prefer to wash the dishes while others enjoy vacuuming or cleaning various surfaces. By doing this, cleaning becomes a far more enjoyable activity as each person within the household is taking on tasks and chores they wish to do.

  1. Getting Rid of Clutter

Another typical cause for arguments is getting rid of clutter around the house. This is common between new couples or groups of people, like students, who have just moved in together. 

Clutter creates a chaotic and disorderly living space which could impact your mental and emotional wellbeing. This can create disagreements between housemates as the disruption to your wellbeing can make you irritable and uncomfortable at home.

A solution to this problem would be to gather all the people who live in the house and lead a discussion regarding what should be discarded and what should be kept. Firstly, start with the most commonly used areas, like the living room, as these are most important to keep tidy and organised. Look for all unnecessary items around and either throw them away or sort them into baskets/boxes. After sorting and removing the clutter, your house will look increasingly prettier and more organised.

  1.   Unequal Contributions

Everyone contributes their own way to cleaning the house, whether it’s through doing the dishes, wiping down surfaces, dusting ornaments or doing all of the above. However, with different levels of contribution, and arguably effort, from different people, arguments may arise whether some people aren’t doing enough. 

Some might be working more than others and spend less time in the house, so they clean less. The decision would not split it 50/50 as this often results in constant renegotiations and arguments. It’s better if you have a weekly cleaning rota and depending upon the size of the household, you might end up cleaning only once a month.

The best option here is to have a weekly cleaning rota that defines what roles are to be done by which people and how often this should occur. This can also be changed on a weekly basis ensuring that everyone is happy and comfortable with the work they are responsible for.

  1. Laundry Left in the Washing Machine


A common annoying habit many people have is leaving their recently washed laundry in the washing machine and not removing it straight away. This can lead to a buildup of bacteria in the damp clothing and creates an unsatisfactory odour.

If someone at home is doing this regularly, it is probably best if you just speak to them and remind them to remove their laundry once it has been fully cleaned in the washing machine. There are many chores each individual must complete when living at home, so it can be highly likely that someone may simply forget to take out their clothing and become occupied with another task or chore. 


It is important that you consider everyone’s opinions and priorities when cleaning the house, after all, it is a team effort that will keep the home in pristine condition. However, if you feel like you’re struggling to find common ground, it may be suitable to call in professionals to help, domestic cleaning services like TidyChoice can ensure your home is spotless without creating arguments. 

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