The Ultimate Guide To Good Posture: 5 Effective Tips

Guide To Good Posture

We are all guilty of slouching while sitting on our office chairs, traveling in public transportation, and driving our cars. Aren’t we? 

“And while we all make excuses to justify this crime, we know how badly it affects our overall posture. Well, not just that! It also leads to back pain, poor circulation, and digestion”, says an expert chiropractor for back pain.

So what can we do to maintain a good posture rather than cribbing about our 9 to 5 desk jobs? Read on to find out the most effective tips from the guide to good posture. 


Move your body!

That’s what its made to. So, indulge yourself in regular exercise. 

Even if you cannot gym, dance, jog or do yoga, there are easy ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Instead of driving short distances, walk them. 

Don’t use time as an excuse for avoiding exercising. Even if you have a desk job, take breaks to stretch and relax your body. You can also exercise while sitting.

Exercising regularly not only improves your blood circulation but also helps you focus on the tasks at hand. 

Say No To Slouching

One of the best ways to improve posture is to not indulge in poor posture habits. Do you understand what we mean?

If not, let me break this down for you!

When we sit or stand with slouched shoulders, we likely develop it as a habit. And with time, our body starts feeling tired quickly, and our back starts hurting, which ultimately leads to a poor posture.

That said, always walk and sit with your shoulders straight. Do not let your back relax in weird angles.

Wear Proper Footwear

Heels might make you look tall, but when it comes to posture, they are a clear no-no. Why? 

Well, you may not realize it, but they put a lot of pressure on your back and shoulders. So, whenever you can, wear flats or rubber sole footwear.

If you are asked to wear heels in your profession, make sure you don’t wear them 24*7. When commuting to work, use comfortable sneakers and switch to heels on reaching the workplace. Apart from this, when sitting at your desk, take off your heels, and let your feet and ankles relax, whenever you can.

Invest In A Quality Mattress

Sitting and standing in weird angles are not the only reasons for poor posture. Bizarre sleeping positions and practices also add to the same.

This is why it is important to invest in a quality mattress. 

While soft and springy mattresses feel comfortable, they aren’t good for your spine health. So, replace the soft mattress with a firm one.

Moreover, sleep on your side rather than on your neck.

Consult A Chiropractor 

These ways mentioned above can help maintain a good posture and prevent you from experiencing back pain. However, if you have severe back issues, you must consult a medical professional.

Poor posture makes some muscles short and tense and while other long and week. 

That said, through chiropractic adjustments and manipulation, a chiropractor can help relieve the built-up muscle tension. They can also suggest certain exercises to reverse bad posture.  

Those extra pounds on your back or belly may also be the reason for poor posture. That being said, a Frederick, MD, chiropractor can also provide advice on diet and lifestyle changes.

Final Thoughts

Bad posture doesn’t cure overnight. When ignored, it can lead to chronic neck and back pain. Therefore, maintaining a good posture is highly recommended.

Follow these tips to maintain a good posture and keep your spine healthy.

Hopefully, this was helpful.



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