Top Highest Paid Jobs in the IT Industry

Jobs in IT Industry

Nowadays, the labor market offers dozens of various IT vacancies and specializations. Salary in this industry highly depends on several factors such as the country, your qualifications, responsibilities, etc. Your working experience is also crucial since a beginner programmer will get less than a senior specialist. 

Anyway, it’s evident that the average salaries of IT specialists are much higher than those of employees in other spheres of economics. And judging by the trend, this gap will keep increasing.

Let’s have a look at the most perspective and highest-paid professions and jobs in IT industry.

Game Designer

With the increasing popularity of consoles and video games, this sector of the market earns more and more. Thus, game designers also become demanded trade. 

They have a lot of responsibilities from ideas creation to control over programmers, scriptwriters, marketers, and others. Besides, a specialist should have significant gaming experience, art skills, knowledge of Unity3D, Unreal, and other software, programming, etc.

However, such a wide education and hard work are extremely well paid. A beginner earns about $55 000 per year, while top specialists can boast of $100 000 salaries.


Programmers have become one of the leading specialists in the modern world since now, almost all spheres of life depend on IT. Internet, mobile apps, websites, the system of payment, hi-tech equipment, and many other things, which are our custom, are run and developed by these people.

Consequently, programming has been justly occupying leading positions in all tops of most well-paid jobs for several years. The national average salary for a programmer is $70 000 per year. However, the best specialist can get over $100 000.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is an analytical data expert who has the technical, mathematical, and programming skills to solve complex problems with the help of statistical data analysis. These specialists are partly mathematicians, computer scientists, and partly trendspotters. The job is extremely perspective, well-paid, but challenging since you should know a lot of things from methodology to Python or Java languages.

An average salary for a data scientist is $91 000 per year. The top bar reaches $125 000 annually.

Data Security Analyst 

Such an IT specialist performs constant analysis of raw data from various sources to maintain and increase the level of a company’s data security as well as prevent cyberattacks. So, analysts search for current threats and analyze the whole picture. They are also responsible for one-time blocking of these threats or developing of permanent protection.

Data security analysts are necessary for the normal functioning of financial services, consulting, computer design corporations, and other companies, which work with large amounts of data.

Here, an average salary is $65 000. The best positions offer over $150 000. 

AI Engineer

Who is an AI engineer? It’s one of the rarest and most desired specialists for any IT giant like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. AI engineers work with Artificial Intelligence, which is considered to change human life forever. Some companies need AI engineers to develop their smartphones, and some want to produce safe self-driving cars.

Anyway, corporations are ready to invest even in inexperienced AI engineers, so their salary varies from $90 000 to $250 000 for top specialists.

Wireless Network/Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing is an actively developing sphere of IT, and therefore, it is attracting many specialists. Cloud engineers help get a quick way to IT resources like apps or servers through the Internet. They are responsible for all kinds of cloud computing and can also develop applications for cloud storage.

If you want to start a wireless network/cloud engineer career, you can count on $90 000 – $120 000 per year.

UI/UX Designer

UX, i.e., User Experience design is responsible for the functionality of the product and analysis of emotions it evokes in users. The simpler your interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result. Thus, such designers work over interfaces studying the users’ experience and behavior.

UI means User Interface design. It is the process of visualization of the analysis performed at the stage of the UX design. UI designers choose the color scheme and the location of objects, icons, etc. So, UX and UI design are two branches of one development process.

Specialists are in high demand, so companies are ready to pay about $80 000 to average employees and up to $110 000 to long-experienced designers.

Data Architect

Data architects are IT specialists who perform the selection of technologies for optimal data storage, development, and optimization of queries. He/She also draws up a development plan and tasks for subordinates, design, optimize, and sometimes secure database.

Such employees are unique but very important for big businesses. They not only organize information but also influence on decision making.

A data architect’s income falls between $75 000 and $145 000 per year.

The list of the most perspective and lucrative professions is not limited by these eight vacancies. We can also mention big data engineers, software engineers, testers, and many other IT specializations.

The IT industry has run at full speed, and it will keep developing in the foreseeable future. We are sure that any of the professions mentioned above will stay in high demand even for another ten years.

However, you should remember that no pain means no gain. To earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, you should offer your hirer proper education, qualification, and experience.


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