Top Jewelry Trends for 2020

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Jewelry is one of the most fun ways you can accessorize. The options are endless for necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. There is such a variety of style and glamor that you’re always bound to find a piece that speaks to your fashion sense. Here are some of the top trends for jewelry to start wearing this year.


The brighter and bolder, the better. Pick your favorite solid color or go for a menagerie of hues to complement your favorite blouse or dress. You don’t need to keep things classy with only silver or gold. Let some of your inner child accessorize with some fun pieces. Look up places near you to find some exclusive color like googling unique jewelry red banks ms.

Animal Appeal

Have a favorite animal that you love to bring up in every conversation? Now you can make that statement in your style alone. Animal-inspired jewelry is all the rage this year. Whether it’s an entire lizard choker or a long chain with an assortment of animal charms, these accessories are sure to put a smile on your face.

Chains and Chokers

You can go for a small, sleek look or a grand, over the top statement with supersized chains hanging around your neck. If that’s not your speed, a spectacular, shiny choker is sure to dazzle the room.

Grand Hoops

Who doesn’t love a good hoop? This year is all about going a little extra with them, getting earrings that are thicker, layered or double to really bring the point across.


For a classier, sophisticated look, pearls are a hot commodity. You can wear them in a totally unique way (like as a fancy headdress) or go with a chic matching earring and necklace pair.

The sky is the limit with these new fun trends for 2020. Don’t be afraid to express your personality with a little extra flair and fun.


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