5 Common Potential travel risks and how to deal with them

travel risk

More and more people are travelling for social, recreations, professional and humanitarian reasons but travelling does not come without it perks; as a traveller you are essentially moving around in unfamiliar places and situations that may have unexpected risks.

This however, does not raise concern for many as much as it should. Today, it seems everyone is into adventure and travel and going to unusual, remote areas is a common event for many. Most people easily forget the dangers that come with travelling and importance of being informed as well as prepared before you leave for any travel destinations in the world.

Risk assessment and plenty of planning allows many travellers to avoid possible difficulties when moving around. This article provides you with considerations you should make in preparation for travel in terms of personal safety, health, safety for your belongings/valuables and more

Here are some potential travel risks and how to deal with them

Health risks

health risks in travel

Given that we are moving around in a variety of countries, unfamiliar environments and meeting different people, we are essentially exposing ourselves to health risks. Luckily, the health risks associated with travel can be reduced or minimized by basic precautions you take even during, after and even before the trip.

If you intend to visit any travel destinations you should make sure you consult with your doctor for general check-up. Time the consultation 2 to 4 months before the actual travel month to ensure everything is ok Health wise. You can also choose to visit a travel medical clinic for a breakdown of all the precautions you need to take to keep your health in check.

Getting plenty of knowledge on the known or possible health risks of your chosen travel location is the first step to taking preventive measures against any health issues and health risks you may face.

If you have a pre-existing condition you should consult with your doctor for a travel advisory before you make any travel plans. Check up an all immunisations and vaccinations required in order for you to travel to your chosen destination. Do this before you consider travelling to any location around the world.


guide on travel security

Regardless of what travel destination you choose, you are bound to encounter shady people who want to take advantage of you, your money and your property. As a traveller, it is easy to think you can avoid scams and rip offs but these people keep getting smarter every day.

Just like all other risk, scamming rates and methods are specific to location. This means that you can’t just get into general safety precautions for scamming without doing plenty of research on the underlying risk factors when it comes to scams. Check out the guide on travel security for the specific countries to know what you are up against.

You are susceptible to travel scams even before you travel. Watch out for fake travel guide and hotel websites that demand full payment prior to booking. When you arrive at your travel destination, you need to watch out for the closed hotel scams, taxi scams, fake police, financial scams and more.

Theft and violence

theft and violence during travel

In multiple case, travellers have found themselves in the middle of violent crimes that place major risks on their lives. Not victim blaming; but you need t take extra care when travelling in foreign nations to avoid being the targeted by thieves or acts of violence.

To avoid being singled out in a crowed you should avoid wearing clothes that make you stand out, don’t flash your money, and don’t give out your information to strangers or if you don’t need to.

Criminal tactics are a common advance towards tourist all across the globe. They target people moving from airports and high-end hotels because they are guaranteed to get some money out of it.

Theft associated violence could leave you injured and in critical condition, which is why you need to do everything in your power to prevent it. Violence is more common in some countries than others. Do your research on the history of violence of that specific destination to understand the extent of the risk and measure if it is safe or worth travelling to. Blending in and situational awareness are some key defence strategies against threat and any form of violence.

Political unrest and natural calamities

natural disasters during travel

While they are not as common as the rest, you could face politics issues and natural disasters depending on the region, country or state you plan on travelling to. Countries with political unrest and war should be the last on your list when you are looking to travel. you can find advice of impending dangers on country-specific websites.

If not for any other reasons, you should get travel insurance in case you are caught up with a country’s political wars while on vacation. As for the natural calamities, they can be difficult to predict most times. For the most part, you need to be prepared especially if you are travelling in a country that is known to have natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and more.

Identify a safe place you can move to in case you are faced with both of these risks. Also, make sure you follow the instructions provided to you by the local authorities for safety. The risk for injury and death is great especially during a natural disaster; planning ahead and staying informed is a great way to maintain safety while travelling.

Transportation risks

transportation risks

When you are caught up with the excitement of your arrival, the country and the vacation as a whole, it is easy for you to check on the safety and validity of the transport systems you are using while at the travel destination. Some countries are notorious for accidents, kidnapping and theft all associated with transportation risks when travelling. Consult your hotel management or the location’s tourist information centre on the transportation system and safety of the area. Don’t share any information or details with the cab/taxi/uber drives, keep it simple and professional for the sake of your safety.

Final word

This article is not in any way written to change your perspective of travelling around the world. It is advisable to know about the places you are travelling to and risks you face, especially if they are not familiar to your or anyone you are planning to travel with. Keep in mind that not all travel risks occur in all travel destinations around the world; some places are evidently much safer than others which is why you need to do extra location specific risks to be sure. You can get information on the safety of your intended destination on its legal department of trade and foreign affairs.


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