5 Tips for Keeping Your Lash Extensions Beautiful and Lush for Longer

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After your lash extension consultation overland park ks, your new lashes will need some TLC to keep you looking fresh out of the salon at all times. Here are five maintenance tips for making your extensions last as long as possible.

1. Resist Touching Them

If you’re the type of person who tends to touch your face a lot, you’ll need to be aware of how often you rub your eyes. Playing with your extensions or pulling on them when they’re uncomfortable can cause them to fall out and damage your natural lashes.

2. Avoid Waterproof Mascara

While avoiding all mascara is often best when you have natural lashes, stay clear of waterproof eye products. Waterproof mascara is much harder to remove, and you’d be surprised how many of your lashes can fall out after just one rough cleaning session.

3. Sleep on Your Back

You’ve probably always heard sleeping on your back is best for your posture, but this position is also ideal when you have eyes full of pretty new lashes. If you struggle staying belly up all night long, a silk pillowcase can help minimize the damage to your extensions if you do happen to rub against it.

4. Use Gentle Face Cleaners

Avoid any face cleaner that has oil and glycol in it, because both of these ingredients can weaken the glue used to hold the extensions to your eyelids. Keep the water lukewarm and be sure to remove any eye makeup as gently as possible.

5. Comb Your Lashes

Use the tiny comb supplied by your stylist or a lash styling wand to brush lashes that have gone askew into their proper place. Plan on brushing at least two to three times a week or more often if you wear mascara.

Remember to be gentle with your lashes and avoid touching them unless necessary. With proper care, your extensions should last up to 4 weeks.


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