Stop Hurting, Start Living: CBD Cream for Back Pain

cbd cream for back pain

Are you having trouble concentrating on work because of chronic back pain? Have you tried all other muscle relievers and yet nothing works for you?

Do you want to experience the relief that only CBD cream for back pain can give? After all, the CBD market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the country.

While it’s still somewhat new, many people still feel unsure about using cannabis salve for pain treatments. However, if nothing still works for you, a CBD balm may be the thing you’re looking for.

Read on to learn more about CBD cream.

1. What Is CBD Cream and How Does It Work?

CBD or cannabidiol is a treatment for muscle pain and other medical conditions. It’s one of the 100+ cannabinoids from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Note that CBD is the compound from cannabis plants used for medical purposes.

A more well-known cannabinoid is the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is the chemical compound in marijuana that has psychoactive properties. Note that THC is very different from CBD, and it isn’t as effective in treating muscle pain.

Most CBD creams are a mixture of CBD extract and cream. If you check the ingredients list, many have elements like olive oil to extract the CBD compound. They’re also mixed with other therapeutic herbs like arnica or lemongrass.

Together, these elements create a salve that helps relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

2. Benefits of CBD Cream

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. When you apply it on your lower back, it helps heal and relax the muscles there. You can also check out the benefits of using CBD muscle rub here.

Some studies on CBD also show that it helps prevent the rise of glutamate levels in the body and spine. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter for pain sensation. Using CBD also helps lessen anxiety caused by back pain, which helps de-stress you.

Without the constant back pain or anxiety caused by it, you can also get a good night’s rest. One of the many medical benefits of CBD includes helping those with sleep disorders. In this case, the relief from using CBD cream for back pain helps you rest better.

3. Possible Side-Effects of CBD

Cannabidiol still has some side effects. For creams, the worst it can give you is an allergic reaction to vitamin E oil, olive oil, or beeswax. This is a problem you need to consider if you have very sensitive skin.

Other possible side-effects of CBD include dry mouth, drowsiness, and low blood pressure. Some of its severe yet rarer side effects also include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. However, these side effects only apply to ingestible CBD products, which don`t include creams.

4. Where to Find CBD Cream for Back Pain

If cannabis is legal in your state, you may find CBD products sold in local dispensaries or stores. You can also search for CBD topicals online to find out which brands work best for you and are the most natural. Some of the top CBD products include CBDfx, Medterra, and Mountaineer Brand.

Soothe Your Back Pain With CBD

Indeed, CBD comes from a cannabis plant. Yet, using it for its medical purposes mustn’t become a big deal.

Now you know how to use CBD cream for back pain. We hope we helped you find a CBD muscle balm that will help you deal with your back pain. If you want to learn more about CBD or read more content like this, see our other guides.


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