The Latest Spring Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020

spring fashion

Dying to hear about this year’s spring fashion? We’ve gathered all the latest trends together in one spot, so you can learn everything you need to know in just a few minutes.

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Disco Collar

The days of platform shoes and Bee Gees are back, baby. The ‘70s disco subculture is hitting the racks. This year expect to see huge collars in the style of Twiggy, John Travolta, and young Michael Jackson.

The collars come in two styles. One hangs well past the neckline, draping over the edge of the shoulders. The other hangs like a pair of open angel wings below the clavicles.

Fashion-forwards use them to accent coats, jackets, and blazers. The collar contrasts with nearby clothing. They come in black, white, or an accent color.

Classy Crochet

Your grandma’s crochet is getting a fabulous style update. This year think ultra-feminine dresses evening wear. The modern take includes long, ankle-length pieces with intricate stitching.

The fashion industry is looking for new ways to become sustainable. They’re creating clothes that can be passed down through the generations, maintaining their value. They’re creating a modern trend with the potential to become an heirloom.

If you plan to shop for this top trend, focus on spring colors. Think sage green, lavender, and salmon rose. If you’re feeling feisty, try a lemon zest or nectarine on for size.

Western Wear

Another surprise is the country star phenomenon. We’re talking cowgirl boots, denim jeans, and western shirts for women. Oh, and don’t forget the Texas-size belt buckles.

This is one of those spring styles that’s straight out of Nashville. Don’t worry, they left out the leather chaps and pointy spurs. It’s rodeo chic rather than rodeo rumble.

Trendsetters are including cute denim skirts with little country touches, like hand stitching. Stylish booties may be traded for their larger, unwieldy cousins. Don’t forget to include blouses for that feminine final touch.

Feathers Forever

Once again, the flock has landed on fashion. Designers will never tire of feathers because they bring an organic flair to even the drabbest print. They redefine the lines of a dress like a fine mist, so you can’t tell where one ends, and another begins.

Expect to see them again in future fashion trends, whether to accentuate a hat or cover a gown. This year, the focus is on the sleeveless dress and fashion top. Minidresses and tank tops are also in.

Bare arms and legs are essential, so shave up ladies. The migration arrives early this year.

Short Shorts

Denim shorts, tweed shorts, leather shorts, you want them, you got them. Every material’s available. Long legs and short shorts rule the fashion runways this season.

Saint Laurent, Chanel, and others strutted their stuff with these bite-sided bottoms. The extra dose of booty left the audience feeling a little cheeky.

If you want to remain classy, follow these rules.

First, never forgo your knickers. You don’t want Virginia making a surprise appearance every time you tie your shoe.

Second, if you show a lot of leg, it’s sassy. But a lot of bootie is sleazy. When the crowd is seeing razor burn, you may have gained their interest, but you definitely lost their respect.

Neon Extravaganza

It’s not just for highlighters anymore. You all remember the trend: spiked hair, jangly bracelets, and never-ending eye shadow? Yep, the ‘80s pop culture is also making a comeback.

Fluorescent fabric is has arrived. But this time, the kids aren’t running the show. Forget the cheap polyester and cotton.

This time, adults drape themselves in silks and stains. They’re pink, orange, green, blue, and yellow. They’ve turned cheap into chic and made it look good.

If you’re thinking of following the trend, shelves will be lined with fluorescent clothes of every variety. You’ll find dresses, blouses, pants, and casual wear. The only thing you won’t see is evening gowns and formal wear.

Sultry Slips

Surely you have a few slip dresses hanging next to your cotton tops. You probably have them in a quintet of colors. But when was the last time you owned one better suited for a boudoir than a banquet?

This spring we’re seeing a more literal take on these beauties. We’re talking about the satin and lace that’s usually reserved for the bedroom. You’ll find them in sexy nudes, silky pinks, and satins that are red enough to make you blush.

If you want in on this seductive fad, be prepared to drop that bra. This trend isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll have to go commando, at least from the waist up.

Bermuda Business

Ladies, fashion has finally come to the corner office. Now you can be sexy, intelligent, and look the part because summer-smart is in.

These casual Capri suits will make you right at home in the boardroom or on the boardwalk. Loose jackets, light-weight fabrics, and open-toed sandals will have heads turning this spring.

Anything you can do with a power suit is a fair game with Bermuda Business. Try pinstripes. Try a monogrammed handkerchief.

And don’t forget to bring your beach towel.

What’s After Your Spring Fashion Show?

This year’s spring fashion includes an eclectic combination of reimagined vintage wear. Whether it’s classy crochet or a sultry slip, your closet is about to get an unexpected spring surprise. Strut over to our colossal digital library for more of the latest trends in fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

So long and good luck!


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